You pay only when you make money yourself – how does this work?

Everybody who worked for your success deserve fair payment. But only after results are achieved, not after expenses have just been incurred. Amen.

Let us forget about specific sums for a moment. Dollars, Euro, Yuan - doesn't matter. If we did everything the “old way”, like everyone else, you would simply pay 100 for us to build your website (a site that doesn’t exist yet, and nobody knows whether you will get even one Customer through it). In the traditional model, you are responsible for the decision to implement a new www page and for the effects. You decide whether to pay in advance, and in the case of failure, you take responsibility and no one else.

Our billing model has a significant difference. We give you the opportunity to check whether the site that was built and is managed regularly brings you any benefits before you pay for it. If you begin to make money thanks to the site, you will pay us not 100, but 300. If we fail to bring you more Customers and higher profits, you don’t have to pay us a penny. We take the responsibility upon ourselves. You only take the success.

What does this look like in practice?

  • For the first 6 months, INFORMATION DESIRED invests in your project, INFORMATION DESIRED Partner manages your website by providing Desired Information to the market, and you do not have to pay for anything during this period of time.
  • After 6 months, at the latest, comes the final moment of verification: are you satisfied, and do you wish to buy the website? If so, then you pay the amount agreed upon in advance.
  • But you will probably see the effects much earlier, after several months, and you can decide to pay us at that time. If you do, you will receive a discount for earlier payment – the earlier you pay, the lower your bill will be.
  • You don’t have to pay the whole sum at once, you can spread payments out into a maximum of 24 rates. The earlier you begin the pay them, the lower they will be.
  • If after 6 months, at the most, you do not see that our actions have given you new Customers, we part ways with no strings attached.
  • If you decide to continue collaborating with us, our services are payable on a periodic basis starting from the 7th month (technology and web hosting only). INFORMATION DESIRED will be no longer an investor neither an intermediary. INFORMATION DESIRED Partner can work further for you to maintain the effects that were achieved by continuing to provide Desired Information regularly. You should talk directly with the Partner about this service.

How do we secure our interests?

Theoretically, it could happen that, after the “start-up” phase, a dishonest Business Owner notices the effects of our actions, has an influx of new Customers, but denies this because they does not wish to fulfill their end of the bargain by making payment. What then? We are the owner and administrator of the website providing Desired Information created on their behalf, so according to the signed contract, we shut it down.

Any attempt to transfer the content of the website in the INFORMATION DESIRED environment to another IP address by a dishonest Entrepreneur is ineffective, because the content is not compliant with the expectations of Internet search engines. In addition, the entire procedure is economically unfeasible. Doing something like this doesn't give the Business Owner any benefits due to the so-called content duplication mechanism, which protects the benefits of original content that was published first.

Regardless of this, the cost of transferring the website to different software or building it from scratch is the main form of protection. While it is technically possible to transfer a website to different management software, the costs of such an operation rise exponentially. In the case of a website with more than several dozen subpages, and we specialize in websites like this, it is more affordable for a Business Owner to pay the expert from INFORMATION DESIRED the agreed sum and maintain the website’s effects in the long term than to cover the much greater costs of transferring it to another place, purchase a license for different software, provide servers and technical support.

Let us not forget that no business is alone on the Internet. Other companies with their own websites are also working right alongside it, waiting to take advantage of any misstep.

The short time during which a company drops out of search results in the case of website migration is when one begins to lose their advantage. This is time that cannot be recovered.

But that's just theory. Things like that don’t happen with us. We don't have to worry that an Investee will want to transfer their website somewhere else, because that would simply be economically unfeasible. So instead of wasting time and energy to build more safeguards, we focus all of our efforts on maximizing the effect of our work so that Business Owners see throngs of new desired Customers as quickly as possible.

The INFORMATION DESIRED philosophy is illustrated by an animation we have created: