What is Desired Information?

This is the key

This is a return to the roots of the Internet, to the original needs of people. And businesses. This is how the Internet once worked – it provided the information that other people were looking for. Today, it doesn't work like that anymore. The enormity of information only creates informational chaos. Millions of people are dumping anything they please on the Internet. It is becoming a gigantic dumpster where it is difficult to find anything of value, where it is difficult for an Entrepreneur like yourself to distinguish themselves.

Specialists from the Internet industry claim to have a magic wand that will help you emerge from this dumpster and get Customers to notice you. They chant their spells, stir in their cauldrons, but the only thing they leave behind is an even bigger dumpster – completely useless to any Customer looking for a specific service (maybe even yours) via the Internet and to you - the Entrepreneur, looking for specific Clients interested in precisely your service through the same channel.

We are working to fix this. So that people online find precisely the products/services that they need. So that you will find Customers who need precisely your products/services. We do this through INFORMATION DESIRED Partners creating and supplying Desired Information online.

Desired Information is information that, at a specific moment in time, for a specific person (end Customer), have such a value, that the “call to action” takes place immediately after this information is received. The customer thinks: “yes, this is exactly what I want to buy, the service I want to use”.

In the eyes of such a person, you become a desired contractor. The Customer already knows, perfectly well, what the service you offer involves, which is why they know whether it is a perfect fit for them. They are already well-informed about the scope of the service, they are an educated Customer. Hence, they become a desired Customer for you. In effect, both parties – you and your Customer – are determined to enter into a transaction.

Want an example? An auto repair shop describes a specific malfunction that it dealt with in a car of a certain brand. Meanwhile, there is a Customer who is looking for someone who will credibly show that they can repair the given malfunction. By describing the malfunction in detail in an online search engine, they see the description published by the auto repair shop.

And here, something amazing happens, invisible to the naked eye. The Customer feels that someone literally wrote this information to meet their current needs. Sitting in front of their computer, they feel that their expectations match the information given on the website exactly. This is a very strong emotional state that drives one to act.

This state of matching is precisely what Desired Information is, and this Customer, emotionally called to action, comes to the Entrepreneur. To you. You, in turn, have a Customer who has already decided what they want, what services they expect, and who already knows that you specialize in these services. A perfect match.