The Internet is not helping your business? We know why

You are an Entrepreneur who has been active on the market for some time. You have probably already tried different methods to show yourself online to get more Customers. You have employed an internet marketing agency, which used its tricks to improve the visit statistics of your website. Then you hired an SEO specialist who made every effort to position your company in search results for several key words. And what of it? Nothing. You didn't get any new Customers at all because of this. Do you know why? Because your website should be interesting for a person – your potential Customer, not for a search engine, and the entire world has apparently forgotten about this.

Well all right, not the entire world. The largest search engines in the world have recently reminded themselves of this fact and are changing how they work so that they are not manipulated by the old tricks of information scientists. For some time, they have been trying to promote unique, original content that is valuable to users. In a word, they are betting on Desired Information.

But let us leave the technology alone, because in the end, that's not what this is about. It's about information. How is a Customer to find you and understand that they want to buy something from you, specifically, when you only post what type of services you offer and your contact information on your website? There are thousands just like you.

The goal is for you to tell a Customer why you are better than the rest. What you do differently. How you do it. Who the person behind your unique services is. You have to build a narrative that will give the Customer not only the knowledge required to make a decision but also the certainty that they will get what they need from you. You have to draw the Customer into this narrative, give them a sense that you already know one another, that there is some bond with you, some chemistry that makes both of you want to do business together.