How is it possible that we make money on a business in which you do not have to pay us for services that we provide to you? - business model and the role of consortium members

Our business model is a radical innovation. This is a one-of-a-kind initiative which by combining resources (technology, know-how and funds) enables entrepreneurs to make their professional dreams come true: an ad bringing profit before you pay for it (bearing in mind both short-term and long-term profit).

We select projects carefully and in the course of their implementation we monitor the progress and quality of works as well as the appropriate application of our know-how (a schedule of publishing desirable information with appropriate frequency and content). This way we go on implementing the projects which are most likely to be successful.

You are free to decide whether you want to buy the service or not. If you do decide to buy, the amount you pay includes a marked bonus. However, the resources properly used by us (production costs) allow the price to remain reasonable and comparable, often even much better, than the price of a corresponding full-risk purchase (an ad plus a website). In our model it is us who assume the entire risk.

We achieve this goal together with our consortium members. The funds they contribute cover the costs of website content creation and infrastructure maintenance. 

In addition, when the website is sold, we share our profit made on the success of the infrastructure we had used* (details to be shared in a private message).

The consortium participation algorithm ensures proportionality and diversification; it also favors joining the group of participants early. Consortium participation is rewarded with financial mechanisms of portfolio balancing* (details to be shared in a private message).

Due to the application of all these factors consortium participants may expect outstanding financial results.

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