BogumiƂ Bronowicz

I have been working for 10 years now on creating website content using the Information Desired model. During this time my manner of providing them from the website level has evolved. This resulted from my observations of how the Internet users react to them and from the feedback from the entrepreneurs we have worked with. I moved from simple and short promotional articles to the content which investigates thoroughly the principles based on which companies operate. These articles accurately present their work methodology and thee features of the final results of their products. I can also say that this evolution brought reporter’s information. In other words, a lot of photos and videos where I am the company narrator myself (I represent the company). I have become both their PR person and their blogger. My knowledge about creating information in the Information Desired model shapes the start-up policy in terms of creating efficient content. Thanks to this, I am also able to have an impact on the preparation of training materials for my future clones.

What I appreciate the most in working for Information Desired is the opportunity to create training materials and the model for serving the entrepreneurs who are interested in using it. This is a very interesting project. I do believe it is feasible on today’s market of online services. In fact, I think the way of servicing service companies put forward by Information Desired should be the standard.