Tomasz Dobrowolski

I am a soul mate of any issues, not only technical ones. I love solving various problems but I see myself mainly working closely with modern technologies and hardware. However, since I have been working here for 20 years now, I know people, current issues and the path we are heading on pretty well. This way it is easier for me to help as I know the stuff. I am extremely passionate about analytical, technological and programming areas: this knowledge is simply absorbed by me inadvertently and working for Information Desired lets me use and test it on living organism.

I have been working with my team continuously for nearly 20 years, with some guys from the technical department for 14 years. And this is not really about Information Desired (but thumbs up for what we came up with together:). It’s about the team. Until recently Information Desired did not exist but we kept working on the technology we are using now under the Information Desired brand. I work for Information Desired because this is the place with the technology and work methodology I am one of the fathers to. And the father cannot leave his children!

I need space and peace to come up with my unconventional ideas and solutions. We all have the same “rank” here. There is no boss here, there is cooperation. Nobody is breathing down your neck or rushing you. In fact, the freedom I am given gives me an opportunity to think rationally. I would not be able to emit all this positive fire, if I was limited “from-to” and had someone wo would tell me what to do. I need my space and freedom and then the most revolutionary ideas pop into my head in the lease expected places and situations :)

I have two mottoes that have been guiding my work for a long time and have never failed me:

"The solution is really close, it’s just that the doorknob is on the other side".


"There’s nothing like changing the oil through the exhaust pipe".