Jacek Prucia

In the team I deal mainly with programming and the entire system architecture. Whenever there is a problem or an issue, I participate in analysing it and I always suggest a specific way of addressing the issue in our system. Once we have all reached an agreement what the solution is supposed to look like, I roll up my sleeves and work on software. If there are any bugs in the nooks of our system, my task is to find and destroy the vermin. Also, whenever I have a moment, I try to get a bird’s-eye view of our entire system and outline some ideas for a higher level, which would set out a bit far-reaching direction of changes to our system.

The technical aspect of the issue we deal with is somewhat two-sided and both sides are inspiring. The first side is a strong tie with the World Wide Web, which keeps changing in all the possible ways, thereby forcing us to make changes in our system. When you work on an issue which constantly changes, you are never bored. The second side is our specific approach to what our system is like. We have opted for quite an ambitious one which forces us to address certain issues in an original way. There is nobody who could serve as an example for us so we need to consider each solution carefully and take into account all the pros and cons before we select the one which in the end turns out to be right. This is surely a difficult and quite time-consuming task. Nevertheless, if you dissect the issue properly, the satisfaction with the end result is much greater than in the case of simple systems, which we seem to have too many around us.