The role of content writers, benefits and perspectives of cooperation with an entrepreneur

In the widely recognized model, the work of content creator looks like that:

the writer receives SEO guidelines and must create content taking them into account. This requires a lot of effort and in order to generate the expected amount of content the writers use parts of already written texts. You can hardly blame them: how are they supposed to get information about a business that they know nothing about and nobody provides them with knowledge and relevant information? Consequently, the content they create is shallow and their power of attraction is not as strong as that of to-the-point and unique articles.

When working with us and creating website content things are easier: the writer does not have to come up with articles and surf the Internet in search of something that may be copied (which creates the risk of duplicating content). First of all, in our model the entrepreneur is willing to share source information because he knows the scale of his success depends on this. Secondly, it is not the entrepreneur but our unified quality system that reviews such content. What is more, there is no need to come up with article titles because we provide them in the form of a ready-made work plan for the first several months of working on a new project. All these things result in creating articles in our work model 2-3 times faster and make it in fact resemble writing a blog more than plucking content out of thin air. With time, writing about the business of a given entrepreneur becomes easier and faster since the writer gets to know the company better and becomes more and more familiar with the way it operates. Instead of one-time jobs on various subjects, which need preparation each time, the writer skillfully and quickly creates new content about a subject that he has already researched thoroughly. We provide writers with assistance and guidance at the initial stage of our cooperation. They decide themselves when they are ready to manage subsequent projects on their own.

What does the work of a local writer look like?

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