What are the ads for our current customers like? The importance of “blog” information. Our methodology of building websites and filling them with content

An online ad: what does it really look like?

Currently, the focus is on promotional actions while websites are treated as landing pages. In this model various indicators count and the entrepreneur is solely responsible for conversion.

Such kind of action may cunningly suggest that the internet industry does everything well because it delivers “traffic” and “leads”. However, these methods of calculating the results prove most effective in e-commerce where sale and promotion take place on-line. If promotion is on-line and transactions are off-line, though, the internet industry does not offer such a solution but makes an excuse that it is not able to control the result. Meanwhile, there is a way to check with certainty how effective your ad is. It is enough you place a new, separate phone number and email address (not present in any other promotional materials) on your new website. The measure of ad efficiency is then the number of emails and phone calls which translate into completed orders. If, however, you agree to buy an ad which is not tailored to your type of business and is of no use, you are at fault because you have not used the “leads” supplied by the advertiser.

This way the internet business does not get involved and does not assume responsibility saying “you need to try harder”. Such actions are futile because the negative results are not taken into account: tainted company image as a spammer, supplying the clients with (or rather thrusting down their throat) unsolicited content not tailored to their expectations, attracting accidental and poorly informed clients as well as other losses which an ad may cause (that's right, the harm caused by an ad is not only waste of money allocated for it but may also cause disruption of the whole company operation!).

So what are you, as an entrepreneur, supposed to do (how to act) to attract customers which are most valuable to you?

Paradoxically, blogs with no positioning or advertising attract customers better because browser mechanisms care about and promote original content creators who are not trying to artificially influence search result. You need to know, though, how to write them properly. Moreover, blog structure hinders easy and clear access to the content. Also, you often need to figure out if the blogger writes to share knowledge or to invite potential clients to be served.

Many years of our experience clearly show how powerful classic websites are. They do not need to be promoted or positioned anywhere, only systematically filled in with new and up-to-date content valuable to potential clients - Information Desired.

And we do not sell this whole power in the form of promises but we say: “See for yourself how this power works for you and then pay, if you want to keep it in the long run”.

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