What does the work of a local writer look like?

Content writer describes the company business using short, concise and to-the-point articles as well as photos and videos. The writer is linked to the company owner on the basis of geographical proximity so it is usually a local company which the writer often knows, even if only by sight. Since he is in the vicinity, the writer gets to the company quickly to report a company event or describe a new interesting project. The writer is a typical confidant of the business owner and gets to know the company inside out, which allows him to create to-the-point and genuine information about them.

The writer schedules interviews with people from the company at regular intervals. The interviewees provide essential information about the services they provide, the method of their implementation, final results of a given service, the speed of orders completion, customer service, payment options and even about delivering products custom-made for a given customer. A crucial element of information desired are photos showing company employees performing their tasks or final results of a service as well as videos where specialists talk about e.g. their work methodology. Any such information, which we call desirable, being the text, photo or video, is sent by the writer to the person who publishes it on the website created by our technical department specifically for a given company owner. In this period the writer's work is outsourced to and verified by an Information Desired employee. At the same time the writer receives training to learn how to create information desired correctly.

After the company owner decides to purchase the service, the already experienced writer, in the spirit of shared success, arranges for future cooperation directly with the entrepreneur. They cooperate for as long as both parties are willing to collaborate. The rules governing their cooperation, such as the number of articles, the subject matter, the frequency of publications etc. are also agreed on by the parties outside of Information Desired, on the basis of knowledge gained previously by the writer.

The writer's decision to continue creating information desired is entirely voluntary but our experience shows that this is the most beneficial variant for both parties: for the writer because it means having regular monthly jobs and work he is familiar with and for the company owner because the developing website means increasing tangible financial gain.