About us – know-how, consortium management and technology

Information Desired is a group of people who have been working together continuously for many years. Currently, we are engaged in:

  • building websites for entrepreneurs;
  • recruiting and training content writers;
  • quality control in terms of creating and publishing information desired;
  • verifying entrepreneurs in terms of the possibility to achieve the win-win status.

Other than that, we manage the consortium, operate the platform which links entrepreneurs with local content writers and consortium members, as well as we maintain and develop our technology.

Meet our team and see who’s who and who does what in our company.

Tomasz Kuzak

Tomasz Dobrowolski



 Jacek Prucia    Marek Dzwonnik


 Ewa Kuzak   Piotr Szlichtyng

Bogumił Bronowicz