Ewa Kuzak

I am responsible for the quality control system which guards our know-how. I make sure that the language used in the content we publish on our entrepreneurs’ websites is correct, colloquial and understandable for the readers and that correct information desired is included in such content. I also help with other areas of company operation, wherever it is needed and wherever I can contribute something.

Working for Information Desired is very challenging for me and creates an opportunity to test my skills in many aspects. What is more, I can also use the knowledge and experience I have gained in my previous jobs. Management, formal and legal aspects of company operation and the precise work of the quality controller are the types of work I never get bored with. I have known some team members for years (some of them even my whole life) and this is why the idea of fixing the online industry in such a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind way is particularly appealing to me.