What are our resources?

What are our resources?

Please see below a list of resources that Information Desired has along with a short description of each of them.

Information Desired Platform

The Information Desired Platform is composed of a number of subsystems used to handle our work methodology:

Information Desired Creator

This is where the website for an entrepreneur starts to take shape. In the creator, with a few clicks and within no more than 10 seconds, we prepare the draft of website instance in any language version (default: Polish or English). The draft is immediately filled in with sample content (text, photos) and pages layout and is ready to work.

The creator, operated by our employees, contains tools to:

  • prepare the website to start,
  • launch the website on the Internet,
  • install the domain(s),
  • prepare the image,
  • obtaining SSL certificate
  • monitor AWS cloud computing load.

The main advantage of the creator is that it shortens the time of performed actions. Instead of engaging an entire team of people to prepare and launch a website, one person carries out all the operations instantly, mainly by moving the mouse cursor.

From the Start panel level we are able to monitor how intensive a given website is on our platform and based on this we are able to calculate the cost of resource consumption. If the servers are overloaded, our team is prompted that a new cluster of additional resources is launched automatically on Amazon Web Services.


Amazon Web Services work environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered to be one of the safest and easily scalable computing clouds on the market. It offers a space to provide various services, including hosting and databases.

Information Desired started AWS service in 2012 and since then we have been fine-tuning and upgrading our services. Amazon gives us services with which the environment dynamically allocates space for data, scales the services automatically and spreads the traffic from/to the environment. We have access to a number of tools monitoring the operation of individual services. A unit in the area of resource management and traffic balancing is to work automatically, without human participation.

In the classic model based on servers which may be purchased from the operator or self-built and placed in the server room we would not even be talking about this issue. In order to operate and manage such services in the classic model (Stand Alone/Dedicated Servers) you would need a team five times larger than the current Information Desired and it would keep expanding along with the increasing demand for resources. The costs of maintaining the people and equipment would soar while the safety of providing services and their accessibility would decrease considerably. Currently, AWS platform is operated by two people: one is the system architect while the other is the platform operator. The accessibility of Amazon Web Services is 99.999999999999%. In the 12 years of platform operation in AWS we have had only one failure, famous on the internet, which took place about 4 years ago but it did not involve our services. For a short while we did not have access to the platform but after several minutes the situation went back to normal.