Our technology

We conduct our activities based on our original technology. The IDMS software (INFORMATION DESIRED Management System), built from the ground up, available in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment, enables efficient and convenient management of publishing Desired Information on our Investees’ company websites

This technology makes it possible to minimize the cost of publishing new Desired Information and makes it easy to manage them regardless of whether a site contains 5 or 5000 articles, and above all, it enables such management of every layer of a website that a programmer need not be hired every time changes need to be made. It’s like a car – if it is poorly designed, the driver isn’t able to replace even a burnt out lightbulb on their own, because to get to it, they have to disassemble half of the car. The driver does not know how to do this, has no specialized tools, so they go to a car repair shop. In the end, they pay a high price for professional assistance with a trivial matter and lose half a day of their time. In a well-designed car, the driver should be able to replace a lightbulb independently in a minute. Our software is just like a well-designed car.

But this unique technology is not for sale. We did not create it to grant licenses to anyone. This technology is intended to work on behalf of our Investees. It’s just like with Uber, which is an intermediary in passenger transportation. To connect drivers to passengers nearly worldwide, Uber had to create a powerful tool that is now the key to its business model. This technology is what allows Uber to be disruptive. But it’s not like anyone wants to buy the technology from Uber. That's not the point. Uber provides a result – it drives people to where they want. And the technology working in the “back room” is its modus operandi. It’s the same with us. We provide you with desired Customers, and the technology is our very own know-how.