Is this for you?

Can we help everyone? No. INFORMATION DESIRED is a product addressed to companies that offer services that require time from both sides of the transaction before a contract is signed.

To better illustrate who can benefit from INFORMATION DESIRED, we use the following classification of companies according to the model of their activity:

“Art” business

a) “Art” business – the Entrepreneur already “has” something (bought, manufactured, built it, etc.), and there is time pressure because they have frozen capital, the offer is ready, they can also make plays with the price by doing aggressive promotions, discounts, etc. A company like this needs mass media above all in order to reach the largest possible audience. In this situation, there is usually no need to meet with the Customer and devote time to preparing an individual offer. So the more people learn about the offer, the better.

The performance of individual information distribution channels can potentially be improved, and the entities currently operating on the web market are quite capable in doing this, since they work continuously to improve their tools. We do not take action in such cases. If your business falls into the “art” category, INFORMATION DESIRED is simply not for you.

“Craft” business

b) “Craft” business – Entrepreneurs who manufacture products and render services only after they are ordered and the details and terms of the order are arranged with the orderer. Businesses where a potential contractor must devote a significant amount of time before a transaction is completed, entailing additional costs, are of particular interest to us. In addition, it is unknown whether these costs will be covered, because there is no certainty that the order will be placed.

Under such circumstances, a large number of potential Customers flocking to the company is not necessarily favorable. Let us imagine the effects of announcing a promotion or price cut. Hundreds of Customers are coming to the company, but they do not really know what the service involves or whether they are interested in it at all. The Business Owner wastes time servicing these Customers and losing money in the process. Meanwhile, the Entrepreneur’s goal is to reach the Customers who specifically need the services of the company. And that is precisely what INFORMATION DESIRED is intended for.

Our goal is to create a situation where purposeful Customers will come to you - those whose path of approach indicates a strong determination to buy, who have well-defined expectations, needs and desires, and above all, who already know that you are able to meet them. Customers like this are less sensitive to price and more sensitive to the results, quality and fast completion that they desire.