How should your www page work?

Do you want your website to serve as a virtual salesman? This is possible, but to make this happen, the content published on the website must overlap with Customers’ expectations. What does this mean, exactly?

  • you must describe the assets, benefits and value added of your services in detail, even if, ultimately, they are not listed on the invoice;
  • you should share the life of the company at every stage of its activity. And this isn't about exhibitionism at all. If the Customer understands how you work, they will be more willing to trust you. Sometimes it is also worth sharing the challenges that you have faced. Do not think of them as a failure, since you were able to overcome them despite the difficulties. You build houses and you had an unexpected problem because your Customer bought waterlogged land and forgot to tell you about this at the very beginning? Describe precisely how you handled this situation, what needs to be done, what technologies should be used.

There are certainly more investors who want to build on land that is not ideal. But there are not necessarily more construction companies who know how to do this well or have the right specialists with experience. You have both the specialists and the experience, so let people know about it. Let potential Customers, who are not looking for a “good construction company” like the hundreds coughed up by Google in reaction to keywords, get to know you. They are looking for a “good construction company that... specializes in construction on waterlogged soil, but also in buildings adapted for the disabled, preschools” or that meets other, individual needs. This is what Customers are looking for. But you have to remember that Customers always have individual needs.

  • show your team – they are not human resources but people, professionals, who have their own passions and find fulfillment in their work and experience. After all, your Customer will order a service from people, not the company. It is people that build trust.

If you put effort into your content and post it continuously on your website, you will make it organic instead of maintaining a dead business card of your company, which is like a statue – it says nothing and stays the same for centuries. An organic www page will ensure an influx of desired Customers in the long term.

Don't have time to constantly post content about the life of your company? That's what INFORMATION DESIRED Partner is for. He will publish Desired Information regularly by creating tens and even hundreds of new articles so that every Customer can find an answer to their individual needs.