We are not novices. We have been working in this industry for years, so we know perfectly well just how rotten it is and how much it needs a revolution.

Everything started in 2001, when we created our software house, although nobody was using that term at the time. From that time, our specialists worked on the software that will give us an advantage in the industry. Sometimes, we ate nothing but sandwiches with ketchup, but we got the job done.

With such a tool in our hands, we felt ready to revolutionize the online marketing industry and take the Internet back for Business Owners.

Milestones of INQUISE Inc.


Software house founded.


Original CMS in PHP technology.


First design concepts for original CMS in J2EE technology.


Start of work in the scope of architecture and programming.


After 30 months of work, INQUISE CMS version 0.9 is created.


Start of commercial services based on INQUISE CMS, now in version 1.0.


Start of INQUISE CMS 1.0 implementation in AWS (Amazon Web Services).


INQUISE Cloud CMS 2.0 available in the AWS environment.


Creation of INQUISE CMS support platform in the Cloud environment, including introduction of a new business and billing model, among other things.


Creation of the philosophy of action called INFORMATION DESIRED.


Registration of INQUISE Inc.

Oh and one more thing: we are a company registered in the USA, although we are not Americans. Do you know why? Because we intend to conquer the global market from there. That's where the Internet was born, and that's where we intend to start fixing it.