Wojciech Łabęcki

Our Project Coordinator. A born sportsman, would-be hockey player, who beat even Mariusz Czerkawski with the help of a few girls. Graduate of resocialization. Former Londoner. But above all, a one-man band whose job is to combine the work of different departments and make sure that everything in the business is working as it should and everybody feels “taken care of”. He's been doing it for 16 years at different companies. Luckily for us, he has been on board INFORMATION DESIRED since August 2018. What would we do without him...

Wojciech Łabęcki

Saint Wojtek takes care of everything

What exactly does Wojtek Łabęcki do at Inquise Inc. and INFORMATION DESIRED? He watches over literally everything. Officially, he is the administrative manager of the office and project coordinator. But in practice, this means that he has control over everything that is happening at the company, he has to know a little bit about the work of every department, he handles marketing, investees, experts, connecting one with the others, and he is our communication hub and logistics department.

While Tom Kuzak – creator of Inquise Inc. and INFORMATION DESIRED – is the soul that tells the body how to live and where to go, Wojtek Łabęcki is the heart that pumps blood – he supplies the blood to every nook, every cell of the company and makes the entire system work marvelously.

- When I joined the INFORMATION DESIRED team, Tom Kuzak is the one who surprised me the most – Wojtek Łabęcki remembers. What was so surprising? - He is able to seduce anyone, convince anyone to believe in his idea. I can’t do something like that – Wojtek admits. And he doesn't have to. His job is completely different, and he is great at what he does.

The Manager who beat Czerkawski

- It’s probably hard to believe now, but I am a born sportsman, or rather, I used to be some 20 kg ago – Wojtek talks about himself with a smile. And although those 20 kg ago represent a period of time far longer than three years, it was three years ago that he played his last hockey match. Because it was hockey that was one of his two beloved sports, the second being soccer.

- I joke around that I ended my sports career only three years ago, when I won a match against Mariusz Czerkawski, an NHL star. I happened to hear on the radio that a Great Hockey Match was being organized for charity – radio listeners led by Rafał Bryndal vs. Mariusz Czerkawski and friends. Since I played hockey for half my life, I joined the radio listeners’ team. Although I must admit that I didn’t believe we had any chance of winning. Czerkawski was playing with pros, and we were a ragtag bunch of semi-amateurs. But we did it! We won 4:3, and actually it was thanks to a few girls who were on our team – Wojtek recounts. That’s how he always is, always fighting to reach his goal, even when everybody around him says it's impossible.

This is probably thanks to sports, which have been part of his life almost from the very beginning. – I come from Białystok, and when I was six years old, my Dad bought me my first ice skates and hockey gear. I was going to Elementary School no. 22 at the time, which trained Short Track athletes – it's like a fast ride on a short track. Actually, it’s one of the best schools training ice skaters in Poland. I started training, but I was captivated by hockey. I had the first ice hockey skates in my neighborhood, so I could skate faster than everyone else. I was training throughout my school years, until the end of high school. I was really good. One day, I had medical examinations done after training to confirm that I can play hockey professionally, and it turned out that I actually can’t – Wojtek reminisces.

Wojciech ŁabęckiThat was a double blow. – I was supposed to go study sports after high school, but this meant that I had to change my plans completely. I wanted to become a coach, at least, but this was also out of the question due to health reasons. So I went to study resocialization – Wojtek recounts. – The very least I could do was to work at an ice rink during college, and during the winter, I had skates on my feet more than I wore shoes – he adds.

Resocialization as a course of study might sound like a reproach, like a lifebuoy, but that isn't quite true. – Those were fantastic studies – Wojtek convinces. Despite this, he decided that a Bachelor’s degree was enough, and after three years, he started new studies - English philology - interrupted by a trip to London. – There was no plan as to how long I would stay there, and ultimately, I stayed two years. I came back because I met my future wife at my niece’s wedding – he admits.

After returning to Poland, he looked for work, and it was by pure chance that he went into office administration. – Before I began doing it, I would never have thought that the work can be so interesting, even for years, not just passing moments. I have been doing this for 16 years, and every day has been different than the last – Wojtek points out. On board INFORMATION DESIRED, he can be certain that no day will ever be the same.