Will INFORMATION DESIRED Partner create a blog on my current website?

No. First of all, what INFORMATION DESIRED Partner will do for you isn’t a blog, and secondly, he will not create anything based on your current website.

We start from scratch. We will build a completely new website for you, under a new domain.

And above all, it will neither be nor imitate a blog. It will be a website that contains valuable information about your company and its services. It will be where we will publish “Information Desired”, meaning information that will allow both you and Customers who need precisely what your company offers to easily find each other online.

This website will be where INFORMATION DESIRED Partner will write not only about your services and past projects, but also about everything that concerns your company and may influence Customers’ decision to start working with you: what materials or tools you use, who works with you, what their qualifications are, and their career development path. All this can give your potential Customer the sense that they need you, your team, and ultimately, your services, specifically.