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Shopping spree is already underway, decorated Christmas trees are all around, which means - Christmas is coming!

For 6 months we’ve been investing in the Internet services of the Entrepreneurs. Until now, our model assumed investments in works during first 12 months. Why this has changed? We have studied, observed, analyzed and came to the conclusion that INFORMATION DESIRED Partners are able to perform works planned for 12 months in half a year - for their own benefit and for the benefit of the Entrepreneurs.

Peter – the man who cannot be presidentRemember this face. If you see it on a campaign poster, DON’T VOTE for this man. This is Peter Szlichtyng – an irreplaceable member of the INFORMATION DESIRED team. We can’t let him dump us for politics!

Why? Because we’re not here to satisfy Investees’ whims. We’re here to help your business. And we know how to do that. Either you trust us, or you can go somewhere where someone else will sell you this poison and gladly take your money without batting an eye.

– The most important thing to the success of the INFORMATION DESIRED model, is for you, dear Business Owner, to build a good relationship with the INFORMATION DESIRED Partner who will be describing your business – emphasizes Tom Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED.

Who can become an INFORMATION DESIRED Investee?

Who can become an INFORMATION DESIRED investee?INFORMATION DESIRED invests in Business Owners’ websites. This means that we take the entire risk upon ourselves, bear the cost of creating a www page for the Business Owner and finance its management for up to 6 months. And since we bear the risk, we have to believe that the project will be successful, meaning that it will bring the Business Owner throngs of new, valuable Customers and additional profit.

But our philosophy of action isn't right for everyone. There are types of companies for which we don’t work, in which we don’t invest. Why? Because certain business segments should undertake other marketing activities, which we do not deal with, like promoting products that have already been manufactured and are lying in a warehouse, which is why they must be advertsied as broadly as possible to reach potential Consumers. We don't do advertising.

So what types of businesses do we invest in? Which Business Owners can we help?

INFORMATION DESIRED invests in the websites of businesses:

1. that offer services or possibly products that are made-to-order – not mass produced, but with individual features depending on the Customer’s expectations;

2. where manufacturing is linked to adapting the product to the Customer’s needs and arranging specifications with the Customer;

3. where the Customer can provide the business with specifications independently or define his expectations beforehand;

4. where ready products are not lying on shelves or waiting in warehouses to be released;

5. where the process of production or rendering a service requires time;

6. where the process of rendering a service is divided into stages;

7. where the service process consists of: creation, designing, construction, assembly, repair, etc.

8. where the product is linked to additional services that the business may render;

9. where the service process is rendered manually, requires skills or machinery;

10. that have unique expert knowledge or technology;

11. where one or more people employed by the business are engaged in the service process;

12. the price of the service/product may consist of multiple elements and be dependent on multiple component costs.

It doesn’t matter whether a service or product is intended for a consumer or a company! What’s important is how complicated and time-consuming the process of creating a product or rendering a service is.

Not all of the conditions above must be met simultaneously. But it’s also not enough for a business to meet only one of the above conditions for INFORMATION DESIRED to invest in its website. The world isn’t black and white, not everything can be easily categorized, and we also don’t want to work like that. These 12 rules are just guidelines describing the businesses that we support. INFORMATION DESIRED’s Investment Committee always makes the final decision about whether to invest in the website of a given business after first taking a careful look at the company that wants to collaborate with us.

Want some examples?

  • A developer who sells ready apartments is not our target. We can’t help him. But a construction company that designs and then builds houses – we can help!
  • Any designing companies, from garden design to graphic design, or even custom clothing designers – these are the types of businesses that INFORMATION DESIRED can help.
  • What about companies manufacturing furniture? That depends. Even if it designs furniture itself, if it sells ready products – then no. But if it designs them according to the Customer’s expectations, on custom order – then yes.
  • And if it also offers additional services such as assembly, disposal of old furniture, bringing any type of wood selected independently by the Customer from abroad, etc. – then by all means yes.

But we are interested not only in businesses that sell products/services with a high price, such as house construction or furniture design. INFORMATION DESIRED Investees can also be: auto repair shops, printing houses filling atypical orders and any other service companies where rendering of a service requires a time commitment from both parties – the business and the Customer – for specifying requirements and the product or service.