What is INFORMATION DESIRED’s mission?

We are revolutionizing the online world. We are changing it for Business Owners and helping them to make money decently by taking the entire risk of investing in their online presence upon ourselves. We are healing relations on the market. We provide information. We provide lucrative Customers.

We connect

Our mission is to connect reliable Business Owners with valuable Customers through knowledge – the information desired on the market, information sought online by Customers which Business Owners can provide.

Here’s how it is: there are Business Owners and Customers, both sides are not always able to find one another. Sometimes, they can’t do so, because a third necessary component is missing: the knowledge that should connect them. And INFORMATION DESIRED Parters provide precisely that knowledge.

Thanks to INFORMATION DESIRED, Business Owners are beginning to understand that they have the right to acquirevaluable Customers. That these Customers are present on the market, but one needs to know how to find them. That they have the right to expect a fair price for their services instead of getting embroiled in price wars.

On the other hand, Customers have the right to use the services of solid Business Owners who have nothing to hide and are not afraid to provide information about what they do. They have the right to know how their service will be rendered and what exactly they are paying for.

The knowledge that INFORMATION DESIRED Parter provides is what connects both sides. The Desired Information that Partner creates forms a bond. This is a healthy arrangement, because thanks to this, no one is treated unfairly. Customers get exactly what they expect, and not what they are told they need. Zero disappointment 100% satisfaction. Business Owners can do their work as best as they are able, without compromises, without fighting to be as cheap as possible for fear that they will have no Customers.

We connect those who need, but cannot find, one another in the thicket of misleading ads, in the informational chaos.

We organize the environment for fair activity

INFORMATION DESIRED’s mission is to organize the technological, business and knowledge transfer environment that will enable profitable operation for all parties.

We make it possible for Customer to find the service providers they need. We give service providers the opportunity to work with Customers who appreciate their work. And as the investors in this whole process, we receive a satisfactory rate of return. This only works when all three sides win. No one can win “more” in this arrangement.

We remove the burden of making decisions

We are the ones who help Business Owners move online. The ones who remove the burden of making decisions with regard to what actions should be taken online from Business Owners, so that they can focus on what they do best – taking care of their core business.

We assume the responsibility of taking the actions that will allow them to acquire valuable, prospective and conscious Customers.

Fixing the Internet

Our mission is also about fixing the market. Today, there is a system on the Internet that takes advantage of people without knowledge. The people taken advantage of include Business Owners who understand what they offer their Customers perfectly, but who do not know about the tools that they must use on the web to have an online presence and acquire Customers.

Our mission is to change the system that we have today between Business Owners and online marketing companies. We want Business Owners to be treated with respect, not like cows to be milked. The offers they receive from IT companies or marketing agencies should be honest. Hence, our mission is to fix what is broken on the online market today.

Our mission is to fix how Business Owners think and to impress upon them that they shouldn’t be on the Internet because that’s how things are, because these days, everyone needs to have a website, but rather because the Internet can be a really effective channel for them to acquire Customers, and not just any Customers, but the most lucrative ones. Risk-free.

And we don’t want to have a monopoly either. We want the entire market to adopt our philosophy of action. Because it’s honest that way. Because that’s the only way everyone wins.