Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki

A force of calm and solemnity, an irreplaceable mentor and catalyst of positive changes in our project – that's what his colleagues at INFORMATION DESIRED say about him. Officially? Michał is the CEO of Grodon, which one could call the official representative of INFORMATION DESIRED in Poland. Unofficially? He is an irreplaceable companion when making spaghetti in quantities fit for an army regiment.

Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki- When INFORMATION DESIRED decides that something needs to be done, but nobody really knows how to handle things from an administrative perspective, they come to me – says Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki. “To me” means to Grodon, of which Michał is the owner and CEO. Actually, it can be said that Grodon is the official representative of INFORMATION DESIRED in Poland.

Because let’s remember that Inquise Inc., which INFORMATION DESIRED is part of, is a company registered in the USA. - Polish companies often reluctant to engage with a foreign company. Sometimes it turns out that, for some reason, a sale contract cannot be signed with a foreign contractor, or when it comes to leasing or signing an employment contract. All of this is ordinarily possible directly with Inquise Inc., registered in the USA, but it requires more effort – says Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki. And this is where he comes in like a knight in shining armor.

- Yes, Inquise Inc. could independently establish a Polish entity, but why generate additional administrative costs since Grodon is taking care of all that, and Tom Kuzak and I have known each other for years? So we signed a collaboration agreement, and everything is working as it should, without an unnecessary multitude of entities, creation of new accounting, secretary's office and all that administration – says Michał.

- It's like building a house. One can look for every specialist independently, the mason, plasterer, plumber, etc., supervise each one and make separate settlements with them. Or one can order a construction company to build their house, and this company will issue a single bill and be responsible for completing the entire project. For INFORMATION DESIRED, Grodon is like such a “construction company”, a general contractor. And not just for INFORMATION DESIRED, because it renders services of this type for other companies in various industries as well – from entertainment to IT.

- For example, we take big contracts and subcontract them further to several smaller companies. We can participate in tenders as quite a large company, or represent small companies in contacts with large ones, because the latter do not always want to sign contracts with the former – Michał explains.

But it’s not like Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki is an ordinary intermediary to us. Our bonds run deeper, and this includes his legendary spaghetti recipe.

Ready-made sauces are out of the question

How did it happen that Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki's company began to work with INFORMATION DESIRED. The roots of this collaboration go back to the times when neither of these companies existed.

– I’ve knownTom Kuzak, the creator of INFORMATION DESIRED for a long time. It’s almost scary to think how many years it's been. If I say 20, that would probably be an underestimate. We have been cooperating from nearly the beginning, really. Tom founded his first business somewhat earlier than me. Since that time, we’ve always been cooperating, whether near or far. That still wasn’t Inquise, that idea was long in the making, metamorphosing from other projects, and my Grodon isn’t that “old” either, but from the beginning, I was there with my previous companies at the birth of Inquise and INFORMATION DESIRED – says Michał.

It started like this: they met at the Warsaw School of Economics during their first year. Michał joined the rest of the students a little later, because he slightly extended his vacation work in London. When he came back, the semester had already started. He had to make up classes, so he had to make new friends quickly to get notes and get back on track. Tom and several others had already formed a “clique”. - And since they are very communicative and make new relationships instantly, they quickly drew me into their “gang”, and that’s how the friendship began and lasts to this day – Michał reminisces.

One more thing connected him to Tom Kuzak - they were both looking for an apartment. - We’re both not from Warsaw, Tom is from Sokołów Podlaski, and I’m from Lublin. We studied extramurally, but when we traveled to Warsaw every other weekend, we also had to sleep somewhere. Tom rented an apartment somewhere, where I could also sleep from Saturday to Sunday. We had this ritual back then, that we always cooked spaghetti together on Saturdays after classes. It’s not like we used store-bought sauces either, we did everything ourselves using fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers... A lot of people, friends, acquaintances always came over for our spaghetti, our place was like this base – Michał says.

Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki

Tom Kuzak moved to Warsaw for good while he was still studying. Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki did not abandon Lublin, where his family lived. People there live more slowly, peacefully. Is it better? - Not quite. In terms of business, it often annoy me that nobody is in a hurry to get anywhere, that there’s not that much openness to enterprise, to doing something. That always irritated me. But when I started my own family, I decided to stay in Lublin after all because it's a much more friendly place for the children – Michał says.

And he knows what he's talking about, he’s the father of five, ages 3 to 14. And it’s quite a task to organize family life when every child has extracurricular activities, music school, and millions of other activities. Meanwhile, there’s a company to run. – Sometimes, the organizational techniques I learned at the Warsaw School of Economics come in handy – Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki jokes.

But there’s nothing funny about it. Michał's level of organization: master. Now you understand why we need him.