Jacek Prucia

A man of the forest who has always enjoyed machines’ world. But he didn't always know that he should become a programmer. His math teachers were to blame. Today, this man has one foot in the real world and the other in a world made of source code. When he faces the task of creating a new application, he usually has only two questions: “how much time do we have?” and “what is the actual purpose of this application?".

At INFORMATION DESIRED, Jacek Prucia is formally a programmer. This means that when someone has an idea to create new software, a new tool, add some new functionality to a website or the software used to create it, Jacek is the one they turn to.

Formally speaking. And in practice? - I'm not a workman that mindlessly does what his colleagues tell him to do but I also think about whether a given solution is good and whether the problems that my colleagues are dealing with can’t be solved in another way, maybe a better, more convenient way – Jacek says. He's more of an artist than a craftsman.

If you’ve read Rafał Kotusiewicz’s bio, you know that Jacek and Rafał are concerned with similar things. But don’t let that fool you, these gentlemen don’t work on the same team at all. It's funny actually but they effectively pass one another by. No, it’s not because they don't like each other. That’s just how things turned out.

It was like this: years ago, at GDP (the predecessor of Inquise and INFORMATION DESIRED), when the idea was born to create an original tool for website creation and content management, Jacek was responsible for working on the concept. He was the one who created the conceptual foundations on which our IDMS stands. But he had other plans and moved away from our company for some time. Then Rafał came along and in general he has created IDMS based on Jacek's assumptions. Actually, based on some of them because he turned some of them upside down. Years passed and then Rafał, in turn, went off to do other tasks while Jacek took care of IDMS once again.

He jumped the corporate ship to work “like a human”

How did it happen exactly that Jacek joined our team years ago? - We encountered one another in a rather prosaic way. That was probably a decade ago. I had just quitfrom a corporation and was looking for a new workplace where I could work more like a human. And I was just sending my resume to potential employers. I also sent it to GDP, founded by Tom Kuzak, and Tom Dobrowolski was also there. I immediately felt that the work environment was great thereand among all the options I had I chose to work with them. And that’s it – says Jacek.

- First, we began on an ordinary basis, but the longer I worked there, the more I showed myself to be not just a employee but a creator someone who has ideas and wants to stand out with them - he adds.

After some time however, their paths diverged. When Jacek was no longer on board, besides the creation of IDMS, the concept of INFORMATION DESIRED was also born. - When this concept matured the boys called me again to pull someone on board to take the maintenance of this software underhiswing. So that's how I got back here again – Jacek says modestly.

...before the “two Toms” era

Before Jacek came to us, he was a programmer who had stints in various industries including banking and custom software development services. He always worked in programming but in different fields.

But he is not an information specialist by education. So who is he? – We have to go back to my childhood. I had contact with computers from maybe 6 years of age and I really hadenjoyed time with these machines. I became involved in a lot of things, I was going to conventions of computer nerds – Jacek reminisces.

But when the time to choose his path of education came he chose forestry. - I was studying at a forestry high school so formally, I have a degree of forestry technician. After graduating from school, I also studied forestry in college for 5 years but in the end I determined that my decision to study this major was a mistake so I didn't graduate and started working as an IT administrator instead – Jacek recounts.

- Only when, for the umpteenth time, somebody told me that they are satisfied with my skills but are unhappy that they are employing a programmer with a forester's education did I finally decide to take up information science as a major – says Jacek. He followed through on his decision and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in information science. For the sake of formalities.

- During this period, when I was working as an information scientist of various shades but still didn't have any formal education I was in some really funny situations. Those who have seen my resume asked me strange questions – he recollects with a smile. What questions? Better not to ask.

How did it happen that he came back “from the forest” to sit in front of a computer? He simply never left his computer screen in the first place. – In high school, I was involved in the demo scene – it’s a subculture that connects people who challenge each other to write computer programs that demonstrate their skills. It wasn’t just programmers but also graphic artists and even musicians. Those were beautiful times – Jacek says. - Then, during college I went further and joined the Polish Group of Linux Users. At the same timegigs started coming in to me along with my first jobs linked to computer network administration skills. And that’s how it started – he explains.

A discovery after many years: it was the teachers’ fault

So where did the whole forest thing come from? – You have to remember those were different times. First of all, there was this conviction back then that a good IT specialist is also a very good mathematician. And math wasn't exactly my strong point until the end of high school. After years had passed, it turned out that there was nothing wrong with me at all, only with my teachers because I didn't have the slightest problem with mathematics while I was studying my information (IT) science major– Jacek says.

- Secondly, when I had to make the decision what to do next with my life, computers were stillrare in Poland. They were a novelty and nobody at that time believed that they were something that could turn into a real profession. Information science wasn't even an independent faculty at universities but a specialty at electronics faculties. That’s why I chose forestry. It was kind of like: “let's try it and see what happens” – he explains.

And he adds: But the fact that I dropped out of the college doesn't mean that the forest didn’t attract me any longer. I was always crazy about it but in a romantic way and forestry mainly involves the production and sale of lumber. The reality turned out to be really down to earth.

How many trees did he plant in his life? – A lot. I won’t say how many. It’s not because I’m holding back this information. I just don't know. You don't count the trees but rather the surface area. Together with my class we planted a dozen or so hectares of forest over the course of several years – says Jacek.

How many did he cut down? - Not that many. A lumberjack course was organized and I signed up but I ultimately didn't get my lumberjack’s license because tree-felling wasn’t something I was very good at – Jacek explains.

He’s the type that prefers to create rather than destroy.