Ewa Kuzak

A classic example of nepotism? No! That would be impossible, because her older brother Tom – the founder of Inquise and INFORMATION DESIRED – did not even let her look at the fish in his aquarium when they were children. Would he let her into his company if she hadn't earned it? Exactly. Now she is an "Information Desired" writing specialist.

Ewa Kuzak- As a child, I was afraid of him, because he didn't let me go into his room, and he was so serious, so radical about it – says Ewa Kuzak, sister of Tom Kuzak, the founder of INFORMATION DESIRED. Every sister who has an older brother knows the feeling.

But curiosity was stronger than fear. – Tom had an aquarium with fish in his room, and I really wanted to look at them, so I snuck into his room when he wasn't at home. I was very afraid that he would return unexpectedly and catch me, but somehow he never did. I think he doesn’t know that I was there without his permission to this day – she confesses with a laugh.

Today, she has nothing to be afraid of anymore. Although Tom is still five years older, he doesn’t get mad at her anymore. Maybe it’s because the fish are long gone, or maybe it's because they both grew up and made peace.

- When Tom said that he can do business with us, we became friends – Ewa jokes. When she says “us”, she’s talking about herself and her other older brother Bartek. Bartek is closer to her in age, only 11 months older. They always stuck together. When they were still children, Tom, who was 4-5 years older, felt as if he was from another world, the more adult one.

Everything changed when Ewa and Bartek moved out of their family home in Sokołów Podlaski and went to study in Warsaw. But there was still a long way to go before they started working together.

- When I started college in the capital city, I sometimes helped Tom with office work. As early as back then, I met most of the team's members. But that still wasn't it, I wasn’t working for Inquise yet, I was something of a friend to the company. It can be said that we essentially “parted ways” for 12 years, and I came back to Inquise for good only in 2016 – says Ewa.

The master quietly changed her life, and Margarita also played a part

“At the sunset hour of one warm spring day two men were to be seen at Patriarch's Ponds. The first of them -- aged about forty, dressed in a greyish summer suit -- was short, dark-haired, well-fed and bald. He carried his decorous pork-pie hat by the brim and his neatly shaven face was embellished by black hornrimmed spectacles of preternatural dimensions. The other, a broad-shouldered young man with curly reddish hair and a check cap pushed back to the nape of his neck, was wearing a tartan shirt, chewed white trousers and black sneakers...”.

These words were probably the beginning of the road that led Ewa Kuzak to INFORMATION DESIRED. How? This is the beginning of one of the most prominent books in literary history – “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. This is also the book that made Ewa fall in love with literature and start reading like crazy.

- That really wasn’t always the case. “The Master and Margarita” was the only book on my school’s mandatory reading list that I read cover to cover, and I was absolutely fascinated by it. I thought that, since there are more books like this, then I have to read them all. But I only began reading when I was no longer forced to, and so, only after high school – says Ewa.

One day, Tom thought that, since his younger sister is an ardent bookworm, maybe she could write something herself. – It was 2016 when Tom came to me and asked: “Ewka, maybe you could write something for me?”. So I did. It was a text about coffee, or more specifically, coffee machines. We manage the website to this day: http://www.cie-kawa.pl/. It wasn’t for any Investee or money, this is our experimental lab – says Ewa Kuzak.

At the beginning, writing for Tom was occasional. Then I wrote more and more, mainly for Investee’ websites, until the time came to choose: either my previous desk job or dedicating 100% of my attention to the INFORMATION DESIRED project. She chose the latter. Today, she supervises Partners’ work and every sentence that is to be displayed on an Investee’s website.

“I was supposed to be a toothlady, I became an OHS lady”

But the road between her first meeting with Bulgakov and work for INFORMATION DESIRED was long. There were many years of work and many college majors in between.

- When I was little, I used to say I would become a “toothlady”, not a dentist, but specifically a “toothlady”. I have no idea why. A little later, when I was already in high school, I wanted to be a stewardess, but I was too short and didn't meet the requirements because of that. Too bad. But I also loved nature, my educational profile in high school was biology and chemistry, and I thought that I want to work with nature – Ewa says. So she chose environmental protection as her first major. She also studied a second major in parallel: marketing and management. That's Ewa for you, she always wants more than others.

Ewa Kuzak- After I got my engineer's diploma, Tom persuaded me to go to the UK for two months to polish my English skills. So I went. Those were still times when one needed a visa, so after two months, I came back to Poland. But only for a little while. The visas had just disappeared, the borders had opened, and I was in love with London. I spent the rest of the summer in Poland, but just as it ended, I went back to the UK. I was supposed to be there for a year, but I came back after nearly four – she admits.

Upon her return, she wanted to get her Master’s degree, but it turned out that, after such a long break since her engineering degree, she would have to start a five-year major from the beginning. So she thought of another path: post-graduate studies in ergonomics, occupational health and safety (OHS). – I simply became an OHS lady, and I worked for a large company in the healthcare sector for nine years – Ewa says.

But that wasn’t the end of her education. During those nine years, Ewa got the idea to go to college again. This time, it was a 3.5-year-long bachelor’s degree in cosmetology. – It was a hobby, but I assumed that it would help my career someday – says Ewa. In a word, Ewa was searching for her place in business for years. She never expected to find herself at her brother’s side. But that's how things turned out.

The woman with the bow never cries in the movies

Privately? Ewa’s latest hobby is archery. – No, it's not because I’m imagining that I’m shooting at my brother when I’m mad at him – Ewa jokes. – I have wanted to shoot for a long time. I don’t know why, there was some kind of primal need in me. I’ve even been at a shooting range several times, but the gun isn’t for me, too much noise. I had been thinking about the bow for a while, but I wasn’t doing anything about it. Until one day I went to the store and just bought myself one. It’s a wonderful sport! The concentration, quiet and contact with nature when you’re shooting at a pumpkin in the woods or at an apple placed on a tree stump. Recently, nothing relaxes me like shooting – says Ewa Kuzak.

Some people watch TV on their couches after work, but Ewa shoots her bow every day. This picture actually fits an environmental protection graduate. And even the fact that she’s a petite blonde doesn’t mar it.

Actually, it would be easy to imagine Ewa crying in a movie theatre while watching a maudlin film – like the “archetypal” woman. But nothing could be farther from the truth. – I am always down to earth. I never cry during films – she rebuffs immediately. But she immediately adds: although I do tear up when reading books, but that's something else. A film never conveys emotions as strongly as the written word – Ewa convinces.

And now you know why it is precisely Ewa Kuzak who handles the quality of written word at INFORMATION DESIRED. Nobody feels it like she does.