Can INFORMATION DESIRED Partner build a new website for me in a domain that I have previously purchased myself?

No. The basic rule is that INFORMATION DESIRED Partner builds a new website for the Business Owner in a new domain.

What Partner creates for you must be something completely new, something that has nothing to do with your previous website, which is why we buy a new domain for you.

It may be the case that you have yet another domain that you haven’t used until now. Could we use that domain? Also no. This is because we are convinced that using any external domains is a substantial risk, because in practice, it is difficult to determine the domain’s history and make sure it has not been used before. We take full responsibility for the new website that we will build for you, we invest in it and we take the risk of whether it will work and provide you with a stream of new Customers. This is why we care for every detail and why we ourselves buy a new domain for your company’s data.