Bogumił Bronowicz

A one-man band, and not just because he plays the guitar and the drums. Bogumił is the first INFORMATION DESIRED employee who was connected to the company even before we adopted this name. When he was little, he spent his entire allowance on historical airplane models. That changed his life and ultimately led him to INFORMATION DESIRED. Bogumił knows our Investees better than anyone else, he personally built many of their websites from scratch. But we have to admit that, today, we’re imprisoning him behind a desk. This is because we are growing rapidly, and it’s time for Bogumił to begin sharing his knowledge with new Partners instead of doing everything himself – despite his willingness, he only has two hands and only so much time.

Bogumił BronowiczA history graduate from the University of Warsaw, he wrote his Master's thesis on the topic of Austria-Hungary's military intelligence before World War I, a was-to-be doctoral candidate that went into power tools after college. Strange? You could say that. So what brought him to the Internet?

Wartime airplanes

What gave him the idea to study history? - My story is basically the same as that of my Master's thesis promoter's, Prof. Paweł Wieczorkiewicz. Once, during classes, he told us: “when I was little, I got several lead soldiers for Christmas and fell in love with history”. That sounded wonderful. With me, it wasn’t toy soldiers but airplane models, mainly from both World Wars. But that love was the same – says Bogumił Bronowicz.

- My father was a helicopter designer, so he gave me and my brother the “Encyclopedia of aviation” when we were children. There were no video games back then, no cartoons on television, there was just that encyclopedia. We loved it and turned its pages with bated breath every day – he adds.

This childhood passion led him to the University, and after he defended his Master’s thesis, even to a doctoral seminar. But nothing came of it. - My financial situation forced me to discontinue my academic work, to start making money to sustain myself – says Bogumił. And so he landed in a company importing power tools.

To be like Jack London

He kept his writing skills after his time at the university. - There was a lot of writing and even more reading when I studied history – says Bogumił. Thanks to this, he is doing great at INFORMATION DESIRED, not only as someone who trains people to manage online projects but he also personally writes articles for our Investees’ websites, takes pictures, records short videos. In a word – everything. He was self-sufficient from the beginning. He was an institution at the company.

- The language of online articles is rather particular, it should be like good prose, with a plot that must be engaging, living, tangible. When you read Jack London, you can see that he doesn’t write using refined language, but he draws one into his story like no one else, precisely with his simple language, establishing a relationship with the reader in this way – Bogumił says.

- And this is what the articles on Investees’ websites are like. I personally have this rule: there is a certain time-space between the Business and the Customer, and one must write in a way that crosses it, overcomes the distance and moves through time, to give the reader the feeling that they are talking to someone eye to eye. This is the starting point for a text to be simple, understandable, direct, and not raise suspicions of some ulterior motive – Bogumił explains.

From power tools to a museum

But before Bogumił started crossing time-space with us, he worked at a company that imported power tools. He was fresh out of college and had just dropped his doctorate, because he had to earn a living.

- I helped to build this company’s brand. That was difficult, because there was an anachronistic conviction there that it was enough to print a bunch of posters and lower prices for everything to take off by itself – Bogumił says.

But that’s exactly where his adventure with the Internet began. - I was assigned the task of organizing a website for this business, and my first experiences were preparing product descriptions for this website. Those were hard times in general, it was 2003, I was finishing college then, there was a crisis, and it was difficult to find any job. But I don't regret it today. If not for those power tools, maybe I would never have gotten into the online industry – he muses.

With time, he began to create websites by himself. It was still a bit of a hobby, still not quite serious. Then a shared friend acquainted him with Tom Dobrowolski.

- At the time, Inquise was at the stage of creating an advanced tool for content management and website creation, and the plan was to make the tool available to others. That's how we met. Tom Dobrowolski, chief of INFORMATION DESIRED’s Technical Department today, gave me an instance in which I could build a totally new website. I also recorded a conversation with a new Investees. On this basis, I created a list of topics, wrote articles, and created a website from the ground up for his potential Clients from the Internet – says Bogumił Bronowicz.

Bogumił was still an external satellite in Inquise’s orbit back then. He mainly collaborated with Tom Dobrowolski. - I only knew about Tom Kuzak that he was there, somewhere – Bogumił says. During this period, he was still drawn to history.

On one hand, he was already making websites for Business Owners, on the other, he was co-creating, among other things, the Virtual Shtetl – one of the online projects of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

– Today, this project carries at least equal importance online as the museum itself – says Bogumił. – They wanted me there at a full-time job, but I already knew then that things needed to be done differently on the Internet – not focusing on “cookies” but, above all, on providing the information desired by online users who visit the project. Management had a different approach, and I knew we wouldn’t see eye to eye – he adds.

We handcuffed him to a desk

So Bogumił focused only on working with us. Today, he is our most experienced employee, expert and editor all in one, and he’s not just a satellite orbiting INFORMATION DESIRED on his own rules anymore. He is a pillar of our company.

The problem is that we’ve started to grow rapidly. We need more more people like Bogumił. The best thing would be to clone him, but that’s impossible. So we decided: we’re taking Bogumił out of the field and chaining him to a desk. By force if need be. Why? So that he can transfer his knowledge on every leg of the customer service process to new Partners. That’s the only way we can avoid cloning him. Fortunately, Bogumił isn't straining against those chains. Sometimes, he even smiles, so maybe he’s not feeling too bad as an online teacher.