Are the articles INFORMATION DESIRED Partner creates the same thing as sponsored articles?

No, they’re something completely different.

Sponsored articles are actually advertisements of companies/services that imitate press articles. They are published in mass media – newspapers, online portals – designated, as the law requires, as sponsored articles. Their role is precisely the same as that of a mass advertisement – to reach the largest possible audience – maybe the ad will speak to someone, maybe even one person in a hundred, maybe one in a thousand... At any rate, the size of the audience is what counts. Companies that already have goods ready, lying in a warehouse and waiting for Customers, use advertisements like this.

But what would happen if throngs of people suddenly began to call an architectural company that designs houses under the influence of such a mass advertisement? In such a situation, it is impossible to simply give a price. Responding to a Customer’s request for quotation requires time and effort. In the end, only 1 in a 100 Customers will decide to employ the company’s design services. If a company were to be inundated with such requests for quotation from Customers with little interest, who are only “window shopping” the business would solely be concerned with preparing quotations and responding to the questions of potential Customers who will never become actual Customers. This path leads straight to bankruptcy.

  • For companies that prepare “tailor-made” products or services, it is important for the Customers that come in to already have basic knowledge about what they themselves expect and what the business can give them. It is important for them to know that they came to the right place. This significantly raises the chances that they will decide to buy your products/services and prevents both sides from wasting their time. This is exactly what INFORMATION DESIRED Partner does.
  • And most importantly – Partner does not publish articles about you and your company in mass media – in the press or online portals. He publishes them on your new website, which he will build for you. Thanks to internet search engines, these articles are meant to reach only interested Customers, not everyone, like a toothpaste ad.
  • By publishing “Information Desired”, your potential Customers will stop being just potential. INFORMATION DESIRED Partner is for precisely describing your products or services, how you operate, what the terms of collaboration are, what materials you use, etc. It is not an ad like sponsored articles, it is information – information that makes the Customers that contact you not just potential Customers, but Customers who have already decided to collaborate with you.