Merry Christmas!

Shopping spree is already underway, decorated Christmas trees are all around, which means - Christmas is coming!

For 6 months we’ve been investing in the Internet services of the Entrepreneurs. Until now, our model assumed investments in works during first 12 months. Why this has changed? We have studied, observed, analyzed and came to the conclusion that INFORMATION DESIRED Partners are able to perform works planned for 12 months in half a year - for their own benefit and for the benefit of the Entrepreneurs.

Peter – the man who cannot be presidentRemember this face. If you see it on a campaign poster, DON’T VOTE for this man. This is Peter Szlichtyng – an irreplaceable member of the INFORMATION DESIRED team. We can’t let him dump us for politics!

Why? Because we’re not here to satisfy Investees’ whims. We’re here to help your business. And we know how to do that. Either you trust us, or you can go somewhere where someone else will sell you this poison and gladly take your money without batting an eye.

– The most important thing to the success of the INFORMATION DESIRED model, is for you, dear Business Owner, to build a good relationship with the INFORMATION DESIRED Partner who will be describing your business – emphasizes Tom Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED.

A was-to-be “toothlady, the Mexican, and the man who capped out Mensa's scale – get to know us!

A was-to-be “toothlady, the Mexican, and the man who capped out Mensa's scale – get to know us!Every one of us has a story to tell that could fill at least one book. We’re not going to be writing books about ourselves, but we'd like for you to get to know us. No, it’s not about putting our resumes on display. If you decide to collaborate with us, oh Business Owner, we will in fact be working together. It would be nice if we got to know something about each other, maybe even got to like one another.

We really tried to give something more from ourselves than just an extract from our professional experience. So here it is. We have created the “our team” section specially for you, in which each of us wrote a little about themselves. Some of it might be a bit humorous, so if your favorite reading material is the Code of Federal Regulations or Social Security forms, don’t look, you might not like what you see.

A was-to-be “toothlady, the Mexican, and the man who capped out Mensa's scale – get to know us!

What can you learn about us?

For example, who among us met most of the disco polo stars at his first job, who capped Mensa’s scale in tests and didn’t know about it for years, and who won a hockey game against Mariusz Czerkawski. Well all right, he didn’t do it himself, a couple girls helped him out.

You will also read who we is handcuffed to his desk, who you shouldn’t serve sandwiches to on a balcony if he comes to your house for breakfast and who was supposed to become a “toothlady” but didn't quite make it...