Why? Because we’re not here to satisfy Investees’ whims. We’re here to help your business. And we know how to do that. Either you trust us, or you can go somewhere where someone else will sell you this poison and gladly take your money without batting an eye.

– The most important thing to the success of the INFORMATION DESIRED model, is for you, dear business owner, to build a good relationship with the editor who will be describing your business – emphasizes Tom Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED.

Internet marketing is no longer working. Instead of repairing it, let's revolutionize it!SEO is becoming less and less effective. Half-naked influencers from Instagram charge $500 for a post and you do not know why. The cost of advertising significantly lowers profitability of a campaign. So what should we do in order to sell online?

INFORMATION DESIRED has drawn the attention of Americans who want to organize a round of financing for us in the USA. Why? We don't really know ;) But it's very gratifying that someone on the other side of the Atlantic decided that it's worth investing in our development.

Investee - who is he actually?The Investee is you - as long as there is a cooperation between you and INFORMATION DESIRED. Other companies in our sector would call you a client because they would like to sell you something. But we do not sell anything. We invest in you, which is a completely different thing.

What is INFORMATION DESIRED? It's a return to the Internet’s roots
20/11/2018 17:38

Long, long ago, when the Internet was created, business owners conceived the ingenious idea of publishing their companies’ business cards online. These were still the times when one had to input internet addresses manually to find a specific website.

Over time however, an enormous amount of information accumulated on the Internet. There were so many www pages that it was difficult to find information, and a special tool was needed to reach it. That’s how search engines were created. Thanks to them, we took a step forward in terms of access to information.

But the amount of information available online continued to rise exponentially. There came to be so much information, that people are now overwhelmed. In addition, business owners began to jostle about in this crowd, sending their advertising content through every possible channel on the Internet, attacking consumers with ads. This intrusive advertising doesn't work anymore, because irritated web users are turning away from it.

This is why we are convinced that the time has come for “Information Desired” – the information that users themselves want to find. More precisely, not all users as a group, but one specific person at a specific time. Each of us has some specific need at any given time – wants to build a house, repair a car or maybe design a garden. We look for a service provider on the Internet, but all we find are ads. INFORMATION DESIRED responds to these needs by providing valuable, useful information – the Information Desired by the consumer at the given time.

- This is precisely our philosophy of action, that is, a return to the Internet's roots – says Tom Kuzak, creator of INFORMATION DESIRED.