We're playing together. What is your role in our team?

It's not like we'll do everything for you. In order for all of us to be successful, you have to cooperate with us. We need you. Why? Because only you know your company, the services you offer and your advantages on the market. If you want us to create Desired Information about you, that will get you new clients and lucrative orders, you will have to share this knowledge with us.

Investee, once we all reach the mutual decision about our cooperation, you will in a sense become a part of our team.

And we will ask you, as we ask the other team members, to accomplish certain tasks. Surprised? That's because you're not a customer who buys a product from us. You are the Investee. We invest in your Internet presence and activities that will attract new clients but it will only work as long as you help us.

Nothing about you without you

You must be actively involved in the creation of the Desired Information for your new Internet Service. What will be your task?

Do not worry, we do not expect you to write the following information. We just want you to regularly share your knowledge with us about:

  • your company
  • technology or materials you're using
  • interesting orders that you are currently carrying out
  • the team working with you
  • why your company is unique and services or products made to order are special and worth the price.

And we need you to back it up with specific examples and arguments. It will help you to earn the trust of your future clients.

What do we expect from you in practice?

Information Desired for the Internet Service, that we will create for you, will be drafted by the Editor, who needs to know the facts to write about you in an interesting, informative and accurate way. Therefore, the Editor will occasionally reach out to you to talk about your business and obtain required information.

Your responsibility is to find time to talk with the Editor. We do not expect that you should be available to speak to him at all times.

You both will have to arrange the most convenient time and date to talk. It is up to you how you communicate: whether it will be over the phone, in person - if you live in the same city - via Skype or E-mail. To spare you writing, you can record your answers and send it by E-mail at your earliest convenience.

The editor will be recording each conversation. Don't be surprised. He simply has to register your answers somehow to use them for writing a reliable article about you.

Keep it in mind that talking to the Editor just once will not suffice. You need to be regularly in touch because the Desired Information about your company is created on a regular basis. This will ensure the dynamic on your Internet Service and contribute to the increase of new orders.

Remember that rearranging the time for your conversation and postponing it every week will make our cooperation pointless. We would not be able to effectively create your Internet Service and our investment would be unsuccessful. Should that happen, the Investment Committee will have the right to terminate the agreement with you.

You have to accept every article

You are responsible to authorize every new article prepared for your Service by our Editor.

It will give you control over the content we create and the possibility to improve what the Editor might have misunderstood when talking to you. There is no room for confusion and we don't want to spread misinformation about your company, products or services.

Photos and videos

Your task is also to provide the Editor with photos that feature your company, products, the process of their creation, or accounts of the performance of service. Not all of them at once but systematically depending on the topic of the article at a given moment. Photos are supposed to familiarize the readers of your Service with your work. Showing your future clients how you work will help you to win their trust.

If you have such a possibility, you can also prepare short videos introducing your team, product or project. It will add value to your website.

If you are unable to prepare photos or videos, notify the INFORMATION DESIRED Expert who will advise you how to contact a team that can do it for you.