Our team

Do you want to know who the people behind all of this are? Meet our team, here are the key members:

Tomasz Kuzak

Tomasz Kuzak

Founder of INQUISE Inc., Board member and Chief of the Sales Network Support Department. Born to revolutionize what needs to be revolutionized, to apply the win-win principle to the online world.



Marek KucharskiMarek Kucharski

CEO and CFO, Board member. His years of experience working in large corporations number in the teens. He made the new contacts indispensable for developing the INFORMATION DESIRED project. He brings to the table his knowledge about finance, human resources management, sales techniques, as well as skills in designing and implementing strategies for large business undertakings.


as well as:

Tomasz DobrowolskiTomasz Dobrowolski

Chief of the Technical Department. The Internet’s Leonardo da Vinci - this man literally lives, experiments, explores and creates entirely online. An unending source of energy and enthusiasm who motivates even the greatest pessimists. His legendary attention to detail and continuous pursuit of perfection are just a few of his good traits. He mainly specializes in the methodology of effectively publishing “Information Desired” (from a technical, marketing and organizational perspective).


Jacek PruciaJacek Prucia

Chief of the Development Department. This man has one foot in the real world and the other in a world made of source code. When he faces the task of creating a new application, he usually has only two questions: “how much time do we have?” and “what is the actual purpose of this application?".



Ewa KuzakEwa Kuzak

Chief of the Editing Department. A classical example of nepotism? No! It is she that brings new meaning to the profession of editor.




Bogumił BronowiczBogumił Bronowicz

This is our first employee who metamorphosed into a full-fledged INFORMATION DESIRED expert. He proved that it is absolutely possible to run an independent, profitable company based on the INFORMATION DESIRED platform!



Rafał KotusiewiczRafał Kotusiewicz

The architect of our technology’s software. Most of the application’s code was born from under his fingers. An enthusiastic guitarist and avid reader, he always has a smile on his face, ready to meet the most difficult programming challenges the world has to offer. Some of his professional achievements are awaiting publishing in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Michał Niedźwiadek-SaneckiMichał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki

A force of calm and solemnity, an irreplaceable mentor and catalyst of positive changes in our project. He believes in our team and supports every aspect of our work - financing, partners, consulting.




Add to this the multitude of editors responsible for creating, writing, adding and formatting websites’ content and for basic photo editing and publishing. Without them, we could not work for you.

And finally, the people who you will become most familiar with: the experts (project managers). These are the brains of the operation on the living organism that is your company. They know what should be designed and written, and why. It is they who know the plans for your company’s and your website’s development. They have leadership, psychological and marketing skills as well as skills related to online analytics. And they’re not afraid to use them.