How we do it: the philosophy of INFORMATION DESIRED

Marketing and interactive agencies do not give you any guarantees that you will acquire valuable customers, so you exert price pressure in order to pay as little as possible, to at least minimize the risk of losses, i.e. costs incurred.

This, in turn, discourages the online industry from brave actions. Instead of this, internet specialists focus solelyon concluding transactions and creating the impression that they did their job. They do not take any responsibility.



"Since the risk lies with me, the business owner, then I better minimize the costs".



"Since it works, we work to preserve the effect in the long term".

INFORMATION DESIRED unburdens you from all responsibility for selecting the technology, strategy of action and from labor input. Instead of all this stressful hubbub, we propose paradise. You only give us ongoing access to information about your company, and we take care of the rest. You only expect results – an influx of new customers – not customers who have not made up their mind about whether they are interested in your services, but customers who have already decided they need them.

Are you still wondering how to define what we do? We invest in issuing profitable websites for traditional service companies operating in the real world.

Collaboration with us has two phases:

a) “start-up” phase – this phase lasts 12 months at the most. During this time, INQUISE Inc. invests in your project, manages your site, providing “Information Desired” on the market. After 12 months, at the latest, comes the final moment of verification: are you satisfied, and do you wish to continue collaboration? If so, then you pay for the tasks that were already performed for the amount agreed upon in advance. You do not have to pay the entire sum at one, we can spread it out into 24 monthly rates, at the most.

You can also begin paying us earlier, as soon as you see the results of our actions. Why would you do this? Because then you get an additional discount – the earlier you start to pay, the lower your bill will be.

If, however, after 12 months, at the most, you do not see that our actions have given you more customers, we part ways with no strings attached.

b) “success maintenance” phase – if you decide to collaborate further with us after 12 months, we will work together to maintain the effects that were achieved by continuing to provide “Information Desired” regularly. From this point on, payments for our services are regular.

What does the entire cycle of collaboration with us look like?

you contact us


we analyze your activity (we look at whether the business has potential according to our criteria)


we make a decision to invest in your project and determine the schedule of action


“start-up” phase – your project is managed by an expert who manages your website and provides “Information Desired” for 12 months, using our technology and base of editors


we evaluate the project’s progress every month


after a maximum of 12 months, the time for settlement comes – you make the decision whether our work is worth paying for and whether you want to continue collaboration


“success maintenance” phase – further collaboration can take place in two ways:

  • we manage your website as we did before, providing “Information Desired”

  • we put the website in your hands if you want to manage it yourself, then you pay INQUISE Inc. only for making available the technology required for managing the site.