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INFORMATION DESIRED works on the basis of a network of experts who work withInvestees, managing their projects. Experts are not INFORMATION DESIRED employees, they are our partners. We provide and finance the technical and organizational infrastructure, know-how and human resources (editors, photographers, graphic artists preparing “INFORMATION DESIRED”) for them. But experts are independent leaders of their teams, responsible for their projects. They work on their own account. And after the 12-month “start-up” phase, they can take over a project entirely and work on their own.

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The more of us there will be, the faster we will show the world that things can be done differently. Let us change the market together – Internet companies working in the “old model” as they have until now will cease to have a reason for being. This is because business owners will become aware that they were scammed, while they can be serviced so that they can verify results and pay only when the effect of a stream of valuable customers is achieved