Do you want to become an INFORMATION DESIRED Partner?

INFORMATION DESIRED works on the basis of a network of Partners who work with Investees. Partners are not INFORMATION DESIRED employees, they are independent leadersresponsible for their projects. We provide and finance the technical and organizational infrastructure and know-how for them. Partners work on their own account. And after the 12-month “start-up” phase, they can take over a project entirely and work on their own.

Partners are not only project managers. First of all, they are people who create articles for Investees' websites.

  • Do you like writing?
  • Are you curious about the world?
  • Do you always ask a lot of questions?

This is a perfect opportunity. You don’t have to be an expert in the furniture industry to write articles for our Investees who manufacture furniture to size. Or in the construction industry. Or in gardening. Or mechanical engineering. That’s where your strength lies. The Customers of these companies are also not experts in these fields. Your job will be to write in a way that reaches them: interestingly, concretely, but also straightforwardly. You will be tasked with creating Desired Information.

This can be a fantastic experience. Add to that the fact that you won't have to come into the office at 8:00 A.M.

INFORMATION DESIRED Partners have flexible work hours. The amount of work depends on their availability. This can be an excellent side job, but you can have a full-time job writing for us equally well.

Do you want to become one of our Partners and join the INFORMATION DESIRED network?

Write to us.

The more of us there will be, the faster we will show the world that things can be done differently. Let us change the market together – Internet companies working in the “old model” as they have until now will cease to have a reason for being. This is because Business Owners will become aware that they were scammed, while they can be serviced so that they can verify results and pay only when the effect of a stream of valuable Customers is achieved