When is the client informed about the project's cost?

At the very beginning. We believe that business should be done honestly, so despite the fact that you do not have to pay us for creating and managing your website for 12 months, and after this time, you don’t have to pay us at all, we lay out the financial terms at the start of collaboration.

Meaning when, precisely?

Let’s assume that you contacted us. Our Project Manager will direct you to an INFORMATION DESIRED expert within 24 hours. The expert will make an appointment for a meeting with you, to ask you a series of questions about your business, so that the INFORMATION DESIRED Investment Committee can make a decision on whether to begin collaboration.

If the decision is positive, we will create the first demo article about your company and post it to the basic version of the website. After that, a second meeting will be held. We will come to you, to show you the first effects of our work, and it is then that we will also present you with the financial terms. This is when you decide if you want to work with us.

If you do, you still don’t have to pay anything at this stage. You will pay in 12 months, and only when you acknowledge that our work is worth paying for. You can also pay earlier to receive a discount. How big a discount depends on the month in which you decide that you want to pay us for our work. But you will know all of the financial terms at the very beginning.