Who can become an INFORMATION DESIRED investee?INFORMATION DESIRED invests in business owners’ websites. This means that we take the entire risk upon ourselves, bear the cost of creating a www page for the business owner and finance its management for up to 12 months. And since we bear the risk, we have to believe that the project will be successful, meaning that it will bring the business owner throngs of new, valuable customers and additional profit.

Business owner! Take advantage of this opportunity and raise your prices. We’ll tell you how.At INFORMATION DESIRED, it’s not about bringing boatloads of new, random customers to business owners. It’s also about bringing in the most valuable customers, who are willing to pay more for a high quality of service. And they will appreciate your work.

Can you find others just like us? We’ll give you $10,000.Does it seem to you that INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t do anything special at all? After all, it’s just building “pages” and content marketing – you think. So come on, find another company that operates just like we do, and we’ll pay you $10,000.

A website isn’t a kitty – it doesn’t actually have to be pretty!How should a website look like? We’re busting one of the most widespread myths: a website doesn’t have to be pretty at all! Surprised? We’ll explain why.

We don't have clients because we’re not selling anything. But we do have “investees” because INFORMATION DESIRED invests in Business Owners’ projects instead of selling them anything. We’re kind of a venture capital fund.

We have something to confess: we don’t have any clients...
31/01/2019 15:49

We don't have clients because we’re not selling anything. But we do have “investees” because INFORMATION DESIRED invests in Business Owners’ projects instead of selling them anything. We’re kind of a venture capital fund.

- Just like all internet companies we are also convinced that, in these times, every company and every Business Owner should have an online presence that presents their offer. Because that’s where their customers are. For us there can be no doubt about this. But that’s where the similarities end between INFORMATION DESIRED and other companies from the online industry – says Tom Kuzak, creator of INFORMATION DESIRED.

- Everybody else sells tools that are intended to help acquire customers through the Internet. Meanwhile, INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t sell anything but rather is concerned with investing in the company’s online presence. In practice, this means that we first finance the creation of a website for the Business Owner, then its management or the creation of Information Desired and their publishing on the Business Owner’s website – Tom explains.

- From this point of view, our activity resembles that of financial companies that analyze every undertaking from the perspective of its risk and chances of success before investing in it – Tom Kuzak adds.

This means that not everybody who comes to INFORMATION DESIRED will get what they want. We will not work for everybody. The INFORMATION DESIRED Investment Committee makes the decision on whether we will be part of a given project.

If the decision will be positive we will take care of the Business Owner’s online presence so as to provide them with a stream of new, valuable customers. We will create a website for the business and manage it until it reaches maturity and full functionality – meaning that it will provide customers for the business. Only then will the Business Owner have the opportunity to buy it back from us and we will end our investment. We’re something like a venture capital fund.

But on the margin, we have to confess to something else: we have a certain problem. A language problem. For a long time, we have been discussing the fact that the Business Owners for whom we create and develop websites are not actually our clients. And that’s because we don’t sell them anything. But that’s what we call them anyway and that isn’t really consistent with the truth.

Then came our “Eureka” moment!

Recently, Bogumił Bronowicz, chief of the INFORMATION DESIRED Editorial Department, got the idea that since we’re not selling anything - only investing - we should call our clients investees.

Maybe it sounds kind of weird but it’s the truth! So get used to this word because it’s the one we’ll be using from now on.