INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t deal with ad campaigns that only affect a consumer for a moment. Our goal is to create long-term interest in a business owner's services online. The money we invest brings the business owner profit that is 10, 50 or even 100 times higher than the costs. And we cover the costs. The business owner doesn't have to pay anything if he doesn’t think it’s worth it. He only takes the profit.

See how an INFORMATION DESIRED website is born, step by step – part 1.We write a lot about what cooperation with INFORMATION DESIRED is based on when a business owner becomes our investee. We write a lot about what INFORMATION DESIRED’s philosophy of action is based on and how we work with our investees. But we thought that we would like to show you all this with a specific example. See how a website is built from scratch.

Two weeks have passed since we announced our contest, with $10,000 up for grabs. And nothing. Our telephones are quiet, our e-mail inbox isn't overflowing, and all’s quiet on Facebook, where we announced this contest. This really puts us in a good mood, and not just because those $10,000 are still snug in our pocket.

INFORMATION DESIRED provides business owners with lucrative clients. Where from?Where do these clients come from? After all, they don’t grow on trees. We don’t dig them up from under the earth. If we say that our activities bring throngs of new clients to an Investee that means that we pull these clients from out of the market. Because they are already present on this market. The question is, who will “rake them in” from the pool – you or your competition? INFORMATION DESIRED will give you the biggest piece of the pie.

We have a new home page on the INFORMATION DESIRED websiteHave you noticed? Once again, we have changed for you. For you, or maybe more for those who are visiting the INFORMATION DESIRED website for the first time. All of this is so that it is even easier to understand what INFORMATION DESIRED does. Without reading long essays but rather at a first glance.

We form one team with business owners. We profit when our Investee profits
29/08/2018 17:40

Nothing happens at the business owner's expense – assures Tomasz Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED. This is the key to understanding how we operate. Business owners have already been exploited long enough by the Internet industry. It’s time to change this.

- We build win-win relationships – emphasizes Tomasz Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED. - As a business owner, it is best for you to leave writing articles to us, and for us, it is best to do the job so that we have work, so we are additionally motivated – adds Kuzak.

- We create a certain kind of partnership, a single team, with the business owner. We do not profit at the business owner's expense and attempt to justify that in some way, but we are riding on the same cart, we profit together, and if we don't, than no one profits. Nothing is done at the business owner’s expense. This system is the most motivating for both sides – the founder of INFORMATION DESIRED explains.

These explanations are not just some “photo-op”. You probably noticed that Tom was driving a car while saying this. From the beginning, he did not notice that he was being recorded. The view outside the window is the Chicago suburbs. Our potential partner was sitting behind the driver's seat, and he will probably soon be representing INFORMATION DESIRED in Chicago. These explanations were meant for him, so that he would understand that we really care about generating a win-win effect between us and our Investees.