We are preparing a training website for the new INFORMATION DESIRED collaboratorsThere are more and more of us at INFORMATION DESIRED so to avoid training every new co-worker separately at every location we got the idea to create an online training website. It will have a loooot of videos and we had a loooot of fun recording them. Take a look yourself.

INFORMATION DESIRED in Silicon Valley. But really, why?We are Polish but we registered our company in the United States, in Silicon Valley. People often ask us - why? If a company is doing something extraordinary on a global scale, something whose reach might cover a large part of the Earth and there's no competition at the moment, then really, there is no other way than to set up in Silicon Valley – is what Tom Kuzak, creator of INFORMATION DESIRED, believes. But there's still something else.

7 facts about INFORMATION DESIRED that you can’t wrap your head aroundYou often wonder at us. Like at how INFORMATION DESIRED doesn't take money “in advance”, and really, you don’t have to pay us at all. Or at how we do things, but we don’t sell anything and you can’t order anything from us. And that... The list goes on. Tom Kuzak, the creator of INFORMATION DESIRED decided to collect all of these things that you can’t wrap your head around and talk about them.

We invest in your website for 12 months. What’s next?The first year of your website’s existence is very hard work. INFORMATION DESIRED takes full responsibility for it. We also invest funds in getting the project off the ground. What’s next? After that, the success that was achieved together with the client must only be maintained. You can do it yourself, without INFORMATION DESIRED’s involvement, or you can ask us for help. That depends only on you.

“How much does it cost?”This question always comes up. And that's good. But we at INFORMATION DESIRED have a certain problem with it. Because it's actually two questions in one: “how much does it cost” and “how much do I have to risk”. Many companies have the same answer to both of these questions. But not us. Everything is different with us.

We form one team with business owners. We profit when our Client profits

Nothing happens at the business owner's expense – assures Tomasz Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED. This is the key to understanding how we operate. Business owners have already been exploited long enough by the Internet industry. It’s time to change this.

- We build win-win relationships – emphasizes Tomasz Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED. - As a business owner, it is best for you to leave writing articles to us, and for us, it is best to do the job so that we have work, so we are additionally motivated – adds Kuzak.

- We create a certain kind of partnership, a single team, with the business owner. We do not profit at the business owner's expense and attempt to justify that in some way, but we are riding on the same cart, we profit together, and if we don't, than no one profits. Nothing is done at the business owner’s expense. This system is the most motivating for both sides – the creator of INFORMATION DESIRED explains.

These explanations are not just some “photo-op”. You probably noticed that Tom was driving a car while saying this. From the beginning, he did not notice that he was being recorded. The view outside the window is the Chicago suburbs. Our potential partner was sitting behind the driver's seat, and he will probably soon be representing INFORMATION DESIRED in Chicago. These explanations were meant for him, so that he would understand that we really care about generating a win-win effect between us and our clients.