Entrepreneur, why do you need a second phone number?An investee who starts cooperating with INFORMATION DESIRED must have a second telephone number. This number is dedicated especially for customers who will find an entrepreneur on Desired Information, i.e. the new Internet service that we will create for him.


Internet service - what is it actually?In the past, Internet services provided information. They were valuable. Today, Internet service means something different for everyone. For many, it embodies a specialist who comes to our house, uses a completely incomprehensible parlance and demands money for his service. What for? For something you don’t actually need, but you were made to believe that you have to have it. It's time to restore the value of Internet services. It's time to restore the meaning of the term "Internet service".

We don’t make websites!

We don’t make websites!INFORMATION DESIRED is not from the web design crowd. Sure, we employ webmasters, programmers, but it’s not their work that makes up our company’s core. Editors are our core, but we’re also not a content marketing agency. So what do we do? We provide business owners with a stream of new, lucrative customers. We cut the best piece of the pie for them, out of the market on which they operate. And that’s a huge difference.

Wolves Summit 2019 in Warsaw. See what it was likeThe ninth edition of the Wolves Summit conference has ended. INFORMATION DESIRED took part in it for the first time. 2023 participants, 4534 face-to-face meetings and all this in just two days. See what it was like.

INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t deal with ad campaigns that only affect a consumer for a moment. Our goal is to create long-term interest in a business owner's services online. The money we invest brings the business owner profit that is 10, 50 or even 100 times higher than the costs. And we cover the costs. The business owner doesn't have to pay anything if he doesn’t think it’s worth it. He only takes the profit.

Saving the plumber, or who can INFORMATION DESIRED help and how?
01/10/2018 14:47

Saving the plumber, or who can INFORMATION DESIRED help and how?- We’ll try to save him – says Tom Kuzak, creator of INFORMATION DESIRED, about his plumber. Did something happen to the plumber? No, not really, he’s fine and healthy, besides the fact that he dropped his profession, in which he was a real maestro, and took up sales instead... Why?

- I recently called my plumber - a first-rate professional, not just some random plumber. He has certificates from all the leading companies that have anything in common with plumbing. He’s repaired many things at my house, corrected mistakes by amateurs, fixed the flaws of mass-produced devices from renowned manufacturers. And what happened? It turned out that he suspended his activity, he just dropped it and took up sales of website positioning services. This shocked me – says Tom Kuzak, creator of INFORMATION DESIRED.

Why are we writing about this? No, it’s not because Tom Kuzak has a leaky faucet and is looking for a specialist to repair it. The story of his plumber is symptomatic and is a perfect example of the problem facing many excellent specialists in their respective fields.

- This man just abandoned his entire career because he wasn’t making enough money – says Tom Kuzak. But something's not right here! There is a lack of such professionals on the market, they are in enormous demand. Plumbers, masons, electricians, construction teams... today, it’s a difficult task to find any specialist, and to find a good one is nearly impossible. And since supply is low and demand is high, such professionals should be able to dictate the terms and make fat stacks.

So what happened that forced this specific plumber to discard his profession? - He probably wasn't able to sell himself, to show how much he can do, to reach customers and sell his value added. And the customers that he did have, although I can't believe it, didn't appreciate his skills and compensated him poorly – says Tom Kuzak.

- In desperation, this man was even looking for full-time employment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with full-time employment, but if someone was leading their own business before, that's a tremendous change for them, especially since a plumber employed full-time in some hospital or other institution is usually poorly compensated - the creator of INFORMATION DESIRED adds.

And it didn’t have to be this way. - If only customers who knew his value and the quality of his service and were able to compensate him fairly had reached him, his business could take off. That is why we at INFORMATION DESIRED have concocted a plan to save him – Tom Kuzak declares.

How? That’s what we do at INFORMATION DESIRED – we provide information about a company, about the quality of its services, about the qualifications of the people that are part of it. We describe a company from the inside, what it does, how it solves the problems that its customers need solved. Thanks to this, customers immediately know that they are dealing with a professional, they know what they’ll be paying for if they decide to employ the given services, and they are not at the mercy of professionals who are not always honest and who definitely do not explain to customers what exactly their work will involve. Because of this, potential customers will also learn that a given company can provide the service that they need, even if they don't know what to call that service.

This is precisely the philosophy of INFORMATION DESIRED – to describe a company by managing its website, in order to link businesses to customers.

- Clearly, this exceptionally skilled plumber didn't know how to swim in the ocean of marketing, how to acquire customers, and not just any customers, but those that need precisely him and are able to compensate him fairly. Proficiency in a given occupation by itself is not a guarantee of success and professional fulfillment. Customers are needed for a business to be viable, otherwise one’s career may collapse – Tom Kuzak emphasizes.

- I still have a couple of things to be done at my housewhich I would gladly pay someone to do but I can’t find anyone to do it – he adds. And Tom’s counting on his plumber to come back to the profession he is the master of, thanks to INFORMATION DESIRED.

Because we are here for such plumbers. Plumbers, tailors, shoemakers, architects, mechanics, garden designers... and every business owner who does ordered work where quality, passion and value added are important, which must be described well to be appreciated and valued appropriately.