We are preparing a training website for the new INFORMATION DESIRED collaboratorsThere are more and more of us at INFORMATION DESIRED so to avoid training every new co-worker separately at every location we got the idea to create an online training website. It will have a loooot of videos and we had a loooot of fun recording them. Take a look yourself.

INFORMATION DESIRED in Silicon Valley. But really, why?We are Polish but we registered our company in the United States, in Silicon Valley. People often ask us - why? If a company is doing something extraordinary on a global scale, something whose reach might cover a large part of the Earth and there's no competition at the moment, then really, there is no other way than to set up in Silicon Valley – is what Tom Kuzak, creator of INFORMATION DESIRED, believes. But there's still something else.

7 facts about INFORMATION DESIRED that you can’t wrap your head aroundYou often wonder at us. Like at how INFORMATION DESIRED doesn't take money “in advance”, and really, you don’t have to pay us at all. Or at how we do things, but we don’t sell anything and you can’t order anything from us. And that... The list goes on. Tom Kuzak, the creator of INFORMATION DESIRED decided to collect all of these things that you can’t wrap your head around and talk about them.

We invest in your website for 12 months. What’s next?The first year of your website’s existence is very hard work. INFORMATION DESIRED takes full responsibility for it. We also invest funds in getting the project off the ground. What’s next? After that, the success that was achieved together with the client must only be maintained. You can do it yourself, without INFORMATION DESIRED’s involvement, or you can ask us for help. That depends only on you.

“How much does it cost?”This question always comes up. And that's good. But we at INFORMATION DESIRED have a certain problem with it. Because it's actually two questions in one: “how much does it cost” and “how much do I have to risk”. Many companies have the same answer to both of these questions. But not us. Everything is different with us.

Internet users are saying “NO” to online ads. 42% of Poles are already using adblockers

Internet users are saying “NO” to online ads. 42% of Poles are already using adblockersInternet users have had enough of being flooded with ads, marketing messages which are meant to manipulate them into behaving in a certain way or buying something. And they’re saying “NO” by using adblockers more frequently – as IAB’s latest report shows. Nearly 9 million Polish Internet users are blocking online ads!

Ads can’t be switched off on any medium – except the Internet.

And web surfers are eager to take advantage of this by using adblockers. They’ve had enough of being force-fed advertisements so they’re using adblockers more frequently.

The latest report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau – IAB Polska, shows that as many as 42% of Polish Internet users use adblocking software when browsing the web. This means that as many as 8.8 mln Poles are blocking online ads. That was the status at the end of 2017 because that's when the study was conducted.

What is more, this pertains to the group of web users above 15 years of age who are the most attractive to advertisers. But they clearly don’t care for the courtship of those who are trying to sell them something and they’re sticking it to ad providers.

Interestingly, this trend is growing and at a double-digit rate (17% growth in comparison to the previous year)! At the end of 2016 “only” 36% of us used adblockers. And it’s probably easy to see that this frustration of Internet users who are saying “Enough!” to ads has been rising for a long time. At least that’s what we at INFORMATION DESIRED think. And the data supports this. From 2012 to 2017 the number of adblocker users grew by 192%.

And one more thing. It is predicted that this trend will continue to grow. IAB’s study shows that 14% of those who are still not using adblockers have heard of them and plans to install one. In addition, those who do not use an adblocking tool are declaring that they will continue to leave ads unblocked less frequently than in the previous study. So they are willing to change their minds and start blocking marketing messages. The number of undecided people who may join the ranks of adblocker users at any time has also increased.

The industry is worried – publishers of large online portals, advertising agencies, interactive agencies... How can one push ads to potential customers if they don’t want to see them and have the tools to effectively say “NO”?

But we’re not worried at all. We’ve known for a long time that ads are irritating, especially the most pushy ones. We have been attacked by them from all sides for years. How much is enough? Some time ago, the industry invented sponsored articles so-called native advertising. But do you really think that web users are that stupid and won't notice that someone is still trying to push something? They will notice. And they’ll just turn around and walk away.

So what can be done? – you’re thinking.

After all, you own a business and you have to sell. And to sell you need to advertise your services. Wrong! To sell you must have customers. And to have them you must inform them of your existence, of what you can offer them, how you’ll get the job done and of the quality of what you give them. Inform, not advertise.

People have had enough of advertisements but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped buying. Quite the opposite, they are consuming more and more. And so, they need more new products and services but they want to choose them by themselves. They want to find information on their own, they don’t want someone pushing it down their throats.

In response to specific needs people desire specific information. When you give them this information on a silver platter, as a business owner, they will reach for it themselves. And when they learn about you, about your products and services, they’ll come to you by their own volition. That’s how INFORMATION DESIRED works – it provides useful information about your company so that Internet users will find you themselves and desire your services. It’s not advertising. It’s providing customers for your business.

IAB’s data about adblocker use regards the Polish market. And it’s true that Poles are particularly inclined to use adblocking tools. But the tendency to turn away from intrusive advertising messages is global. And the revolution that will change people’s thinking about acquiring customers effectively should be just as global.