Why? Because we’re not here to satisfy Investees’ whims. We’re here to help your business. And we know how to do that. Either you trust us, or you can go somewhere where someone else will sell you this poison and gladly take your money without batting an eye.

– The most important thing to the success of the INFORMATION DESIRED model, is for you, dear business owner, to build a good relationship with the editor who will be describing your business – emphasizes Tom Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED.

Internet marketing is no longer working. Instead of repairing it, let's revolutionize it!SEO is becoming less and less effective. Half-naked influencers from Instagram charge $500 for a post and you do not know why. The cost of advertising significantly lowers profitability of a campaign. So what should we do in order to sell online?

INFORMATION DESIRED has drawn the attention of Americans who want to organize a round of financing for us in the USA. Why? We don't really know ;) But it's very gratifying that someone on the other side of the Atlantic decided that it's worth investing in our development.

Investee - who is he actually?The Investee is you - as long as there is a cooperation between you and INFORMATION DESIRED. Other companies in our sector would call you a client because they would like to sell you something. But we do not sell anything. We invest in you, which is a completely different thing.

INFORMATION DESIRED is coming. Get ready for the revolution
25/08/2018 07:17

INFORMATION DESIRED is coming. Get ready for the revolutionSince you are reading this, it means that we’ve had an official premiere. We've already shown ourselves to the world. But who are we? INFORMATION DESIRED - a project that will change the lives of many enterpreneurs. It will make life easier for those trying to acquire customers via the Internet . And those, who help them do this - usually unsuccessfully - interactive agencies and others in the Internet marketing industry - will have to sleep with one eye open. Why? Because our philosophy will change the whole market and force our competitors to change their business model.

What we do?

In short: INFORMATION DESIRED provides Enterpreneurs with a stream of new clients. If there are no customers, you will not pay us a penny. Tempting, right?

How do we do it?

We run websites for entrepreneurs providing so-called "Desired Information". Therefore, customers who have specific needs go to entrepreneurs who can satisfy these needs.

How does it work exactly?

Nowadays, customers are looking for products or services online instead wasting time going from store to store. They are looking for a very specific products /services. But often they do not find companies that offer these products. Why? Because companies artificially position themselves on the Internet for specific phrases misleading consumers. Because those entrepreneurs who have what the customers need do not know how to properly describe their services so that the customer can easily find them.

This is what INFORMATION DESIRED does - it creates information that helps the customer and the entrepreneur find each other online easily. And this match is so perfect that the customer is almost sure that he wants to buy something from the seller even before calling him.

INFORMATION DESIRED is coming. Get ready for the revolution

But this is not the end. The best part is that we will not charge entrepreneurs if they will not get customers queuing. Results guaranteed. We do not charge for empty promises. INFORMATION DESIRED takes all the risk to make the project successful. The entrepreneur reaps the rewards.

Of course, we do not work for free. Our services cost but only when they turn out to be effective. In practice, this means that for several months or even a year we invest in the customer's website. The entrepreneur pays us only after he understands that we have done a good job and the service we’ve built really works resulting in a stream of new customers.

Not bad, right? It's impressive. Ok, maybe we are not too humble but everyone we talk to about our business model is impressed and his reaction is always "WOW! ...". So yes, we know that it is revolutionary what we do. And we think that this revolution is necessary. Entrepreneurs should expect from internet marketing specialists not only promises but effects - real tangible customers. Today it is not the case and this must be changed. We will change it.

Today everyone says that it cannot be done. Well, it's possible, dear competitors. Watch us! Greetings from sunny Warsaw:)