Entrepreneur, why do you need a second phone number?An investee who starts cooperating with INFORMATION DESIRED must have a second telephone number. This number is dedicated especially for customers who will find an entrepreneur on Desired Information, i.e. the new Internet service that we will create for him.


Internet service - what is it actually?In the past, Internet services provided information. They were valuable. Today, Internet service means something different for everyone. For many, it embodies a specialist who comes to our house, uses a completely incomprehensible parlance and demands money for his service. What for? For something you don’t actually need, but you were made to believe that you have to have it. It's time to restore the value of Internet services. It's time to restore the meaning of the term "Internet service".

We don’t make websites!

We don’t make websites!INFORMATION DESIRED is not from the web design crowd. Sure, we employ webmasters, programmers, but it’s not their work that makes up our company’s core. Editors are our core, but we’re also not a content marketing agency. So what do we do? We provide business owners with a stream of new, lucrative customers. We cut the best piece of the pie for them, out of the market on which they operate. And that’s a huge difference.

Wolves Summit 2019 in Warsaw. See what it was likeThe ninth edition of the Wolves Summit conference has ended. INFORMATION DESIRED took part in it for the first time. 2023 participants, 4534 face-to-face meetings and all this in just two days. See what it was like.

INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t deal with ad campaigns that only affect a consumer for a moment. Our goal is to create long-term interest in a business owner's services online. The money we invest brings the business owner profit that is 10, 50 or even 100 times higher than the costs. And we cover the costs. The business owner doesn't have to pay anything if he doesn’t think it’s worth it. He only takes the profit.

INFORMATION DESIRED crosses the spacetime between you and your customer
13/12/2018 19:01

INFORMATION DESIRED crosses the spacetime between you and your customer“Information Desired” doesn't just provide knowledge about the products or services you offer. It also breaks the barrier that exists between two strangers on the Internet – between you, your company and the people that are soon to be your customers. Thanks to you letting them get to know you, showing them how you work, how your products or services are created, you will gain the customer's trust and the customer will gain the certainty that their order will be carried out with the utmost care for every detail. Then, even price ceases to have any meaning.

- “Information Desired” is information that crosses spacetime – as one of our most experienced experts, Bogumił Bronowicz, likes to say.

What does this mean?

A customer looking for a specific, tailor-made service or product online is usually sitting in front of their computer many miles away from you. What is more, they are aware that what you have written on your website was created many months, or maybe even many years, ago. All in all, they don't know if what they’re reading is still current. Worst of all, they usually read slogans that are just faded catchphrases and it is difficult for one to place trust in them. It’s as if the customer was trying to eat ice cream through a pane of glass.

But what if the customer could be transported through time and space via your website? What if you could make them feel as if they were standing in the middle of your factory or looking over the shoulder of an employee at a desk? What if the customer could see how the product/service is created at every stage of the process? That’s exactly what “Information Desired” is. And that's exactly what the websites created by INFORMATION DESIRED for its Clients are. They break through time and space.

Let’s assume that we are describing the business of a joiner who renovates old furniture. Or a company concerned with building timber-frame houses (so-called Canadian houses). “Information Desired” will take the customer to the construction site or to the woodworking shop where a 200-year-old table is being renovated and help them understand how the complicated process of rendering the service plays out.

When a customer has two service providers to choose from, let’s say, in the industry of skeleton house construction and sees declarations like this on one website: “we have been building for 20 years”, “we are professionals”, “our houses are energy-saving”, they feel like they don't have enough information. When they go to the other service provider’s website which shows how these houses are built, shows that the energy conservation of the house depends on the foundation under the structure and this foundation consists of elements A, B, C, D and five others - such an offer will decidedly evoke greater interest and trust than the website of the business that just used general slogans and vague descriptions – explains Bogumił Bronowicz.

Describing the service so precisely, showing it in photos, will not only give your customer the answers to many questions but also put more questions in their head. And that's good. Thanks to this, when the customer calls you, they will be prepared, know what to ask about and understand the choices they have. More than that, they will also discover the additional values of the service of which they were totally unaware before.

The effect?

If you prepare the customer in a way they will stop focusing on the price. They will know what they’re paying for, understand the value of your services and will be less inclined to negotiate the price. And you won't have to bend under the price pressure just to keep the customer. In general, price will become the least important element of your conversation, pushed into the background.

- Sharing knowledge about the effect of a service is insufficient to effectively break the spacetime barrier and gain the Customer's trust. The Customer must also be invited to the place where the office is being designed, the old car is being renovated, or the home alarm system is being installed – Bogumił Bronowicz sums up.

Remember: no empty slogans, just openness toward the customer. Taking them through time and space will definitely pay off.