Who can become an INFORMATION DESIRED investee?INFORMATION DESIRED invests in business owners’ websites. This means that we take the entire risk upon ourselves, bear the cost of creating a www page for the business owner and finance its management for up to 12 months. And since we bear the risk, we have to believe that the project will be successful, meaning that it will bring the business owner throngs of new, valuable customers and additional profit.

Business owner! Take advantage of this opportunity and raise your prices. We’ll tell you how.At INFORMATION DESIRED, it’s not about bringing boatloads of new, random customers to business owners. It’s also about bringing in the most valuable customers, who are willing to pay more for a high quality of service. And they will appreciate your work.

Can you find others just like us? We’ll give you $10,000.Does it seem to you that INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t do anything special at all? After all, it’s just building “pages” and content marketing – you think. So come on, find another company that operates just like we do, and we’ll pay you $10,000.

A website isn’t a kitty – it doesn’t actually have to be pretty!How should a website look like? We’re busting one of the most widespread myths: a website doesn’t have to be pretty at all! Surprised? We’ll explain why.

We don't have clients because we’re not selling anything. But we do have “investees” because INFORMATION DESIRED invests in Business Owners’ projects instead of selling them anything. We’re kind of a venture capital fund.

How to get new Clients? Up in the air ;) We will tell you the story of our new Client from the USA.
20/11/2018 18:13

How to get new Clients? Up in the air ;) We will tell you the story of our new Client from the USA.Here at INFORMATION DESIRED we are involved in acquiring new Clients for the Entrepreneurs by providing «Information desired» through the Internet. But we are proud of the fact that we are equally successful in attracting the Clients for ourselves – not only online, not only in Poland and not only down on earth:).

It’s November, almost exactly a year ago. A plane from Warsaw to Los Angeles. Next to TomKuzak, the creator of INFORMATION DESIRED, who is just going to the US on a business trip, a man takes a sit – his name is Vladimir as it turns out later.

Tom knows that they will sit next to each other for over 12 hours so he thought to chat with the guy. You know Tom - he would chat even in a speeding tram which he would leave on the next stop.

It turns out that Vladimir is a Russian entrepreneur who does business in the States and in Russia. He only had transfer in Warsaw on his way from Moscow. He told Tom about his company which provides financial solutions for Entrepreneurs and loans. So Tom told him about INFORMATION DESIRED. He was intrigued by our action philosophy. “We have to meet” said Vladimir when they were leaving the airport. It’s been some time, however, until they managed to catch up and talk about business. Either Vladimir was away or Tom. But it worked out in the end. Just now when Tom was off to LA for some INFORMATION DESIRED meetings. And you know what? They get along with each other very well right now.

That's how you get your Clients in the US.