Does the Client have the right to authorize the content that we create for them?

Absolutely! And well they should. You will authorize not only the ready articles, but also the ideas behind them.

Here’s what collaboration in content creation looks like:

  • first the INFORMATION DESIRED team will prepare a list of topics that will appropriately describe your company and its services, based on preliminary talks with you;
  • at this stage, we will ask you for authorization, or approval of this list of topics – the intent is, above all, for you to confirm that what we are planning to write does not exceed the scope of your offer;
  • then, we prepare the first articles according to the list of topics. The editor places them in our IDMS content management system, but they are still not yet visible to the world. Only you get a preview of them with a request for authorization;
  • only once you accept the content will articles be made public. If you do not accept and ask for corrections to the text, we will make them and ask you for authorization once again.

This scheme concerns not just the first, but all successive articles that we will write about your company. You will always have complete control over the content that we create on your subject. This pertains not only to articles but also to multimedia content – photo galleries and videos – because we will also prepare them for your new website.