Who can become an INFORMATION DESIRED investee?INFORMATION DESIRED invests in business owners’ websites. This means that we take the entire risk upon ourselves, bear the cost of creating a www page for the business owner and finance its management for up to 12 months. And since we bear the risk, we have to believe that the project will be successful, meaning that it will bring the business owner throngs of new, valuable customers and additional profit.

Business owner! Take advantage of this opportunity and raise your prices. We’ll tell you how.At INFORMATION DESIRED, it’s not about bringing boatloads of new, random customers to business owners. It’s also about bringing in the most valuable customers, who are willing to pay more for a high quality of service. And they will appreciate your work.

Can you find others just like us? We’ll give you $10,000.Does it seem to you that INFORMATION DESIRED doesn’t do anything special at all? After all, it’s just building “pages” and content marketing – you think. So come on, find another company that operates just like we do, and we’ll pay you $10,000.

A website isn’t a kitty – it doesn’t actually have to be pretty!How should a website look like? We’re busting one of the most widespread myths: a website doesn’t have to be pretty at all! Surprised? We’ll explain why.

We don't have clients because we’re not selling anything. But we do have “investees” because INFORMATION DESIRED invests in Business Owners’ projects instead of selling them anything. We’re kind of a venture capital fund.

A bunch of maniacs, each one of them different, or the origin of our logo
27/01/2019 17:45

A bunch of maniacs, each one of them different, or the origin of our logoLately, we’ve often been meeting people and telling them about the idea of INFORMATION DESIRED. Sometimes they ask us unexpected questions. The last time this happened, at a meeting with students at the Warsaw School of Economics, someone asked us why the font in our logo is inconsistent? Some letters are different than the others – is there some message behind this?

That was an excellent question, because yes, that is not by accident. It’s not quite that every letter is different because that would leave readers cross-eyed. But we actually were trying to highlight diversity, to emphasize that each one of us at INFORMATION DESIRED is different. It’s like everyone’s from a different “place”, everyone seems as if they’re from different stories.

Such a mix of people gathered in one place, on one project, may carry a certain risk: that a different worldview, lifestyle, or even style of being will irritate another and generate conflicts. People like to hear opinions that only confirm what they themselves think and don’t like confronting the other whom they don't agree with. People like those who are similar to them.

But such diversity also has its advantages: everyone brings something different to the table. And that’s how it works with us. Nobody is on the warpath with anyone else. Instead, everyone is contributing something that no one else could.

What is that exactly?

We thought that it would be an interesting experiment to ask every member of the INFORMATION DESIRED team about what unique thing they bring to the team. Every one of us can say something like that about another person rather easily, but about oneself? We ourselves were interested in how our people perceive themselves. Let’s see what this experiment’s results were:

Tom Kuzak, founder of INFORMATION DESIRED:

“INFORMATION DESIRED is marketing, technology, analysis, knowledge about the world of business, finance, etc. Every team member is a specialist in his or her field, and I am like this emotional bridge between them – between people, yes, but also between the individual fields our company consists of. That and the vision. These are the things I contribute.”

Marek Kucharski, CEO and financial director:

“Everyone likes to talk a lot here, but somebody has to crunch the numbers. The “abacus” is precisely my domain.”

Tom Dobrowolski, chief of the Technology Department:

“Excavating, checking all possible options and choosing the best one for the issue at hand - that’s the basis of my activity. I am the guardian (and guarantee) of us definitely being on the right track from both a technical and psychological/analytical perspective.

If we were to compare our organization to a building, the foundations would be my area of expertise. They are pretty damn important, because the building wouldn’t work without them, but they can’t be seen at first glance.

Besides my knowledge, I am certainly capable of raising anyone’s blood pressure... ;)”

Bogumił Bronowicz, chief of the Editorial Department:

“I contribute the perspective of the Business Owners for whom we work, who abide by the rule: I will reward you generously, service provider, if only you treat me fairly.”

Ewa Kuzak, deputy chief of the Editorial Department:

“Since I am the only woman on the board, I contribute a bit of gentleness, subtlety and feminine emotions, which may not always be understood by the male board members :)”

Wojtek Łabęcki, project coordinator:

“It seems to me that I contribute a gust of fresh energy to the team, openness to new ideas and a different approach to old issues, because I was the last to join an already well-knit team that had been executing similar projects for over a decade. I also bring a lot of positive energy and a smile every day. Wherever emotions run high, I try to bring them down, and where they are dimmed down, I try to light them back up.”

Rafał Kotusiewicz, software architect:

“It seems to me that I am a bastion of calm and an inexhaustible source of optimism :). With an obstinacy worthy of a good cause, I always strive for perfection (sometimes it seems like a clinical case) even when it seems impossible...

And now that I think about it, I should definitely seek treatment :)”

Jacek Prucia, chief of the Development Department:

“In my humble opinion, I contribute to the team:

- technical expertise

- pressure towards inevitable progress

- occasionally, a devil’s advocate”

Michał Niedźwiadek-Sanecki:

“I think that I carry out the bureaucratic obligations that the law imposes on the actions taken by INFORMATION DESIRED. It’s about moving within the confines of the law and this obliges us to take certain actions. For an American company in Poland, many seemingly simple actions are complicated, very costly, long-lasting or even impossible. For example: opening a bank account or signing a leasing contract for a passenger vehicle or signing many different contracts with large companies or institutions. And that’s my role. I formalize what INFORMATION DESIRED wants to achieve in Poland.”